Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mamasita - You Already Know It's Good

I think I'm definitely the last person in Melbourne to visit Mamasita. At first it was the queues that put me off going. A few other times I had to cancel and you know how the usual stories go, there's some place new and shiny to visit. However, a chance event near the restaurant meant I could drop in without queuing and try the food. I had sampled a number of the Mamasita dishes at various food festivals before so I already knew it would be good. The meal was just to try a few more items.

The famous Mamasita corn is indeed very good. Yes it's only corn, yes it's expensive for corn, but if that's how you feel, make it yourself and don't order it. I'm happy to order this dish again as I'll eat good food any day.

Other items that were pretty good but not amazing were the ceviche and the quesadillas. They were the two weaker dishes of an otherwise excellent meal.

Another item Mamasita is famous for is their tacos. And they did live up to expectations and were great. The tostaditas and potatoes were also really good. The pancita de cerdo recommended by the waiter was excellent.

Overall, the food was really good and I would go back. The service was both good and not so good. The staff were friendly enough but it was so hard to get their attention when we wanted to order, to ask for water or even to pay the bill.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is good but I actually don't really like the layout of the restaurant. Obviously space is at a premium in the city so seating is close, which I don't mind. We were at a high table and like many places, I hated the bar stool type chairs as you can't lean back and after a 2 hour meal it gets quite uncomfortable. Overall a very good meal and I would definitely recommend it if you're the only other person in Melbourne who hasn't gone yet.

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  1. I went to Mamasita for the first time recently as well, as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. I think the corn was actually one of my highlights of the multi-course meal I had - it's so simple, but just done so well!

  2. The corn is good but quite easily replicated at home so I know that won't be on the order list.

  3. I think I must now be the last person in Melbourne to visit Mamasita, so I have booked for lunch today. Thanks for the recommendation - the food in your photos looks mouth-watering

  4. I've yet to eat ceviche that is amazing, have you? I wonder if it's a personal taste thing - it's never been a dish that I've loved.