Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Boundary Hotel

Having more to new premises at work, we had to find new Friday Lunch places. This week we decided to try the Boundary Hotel on the corner of East Boundary and Centre Road. We had heard good things about this place and how the food was very good and it was very a popular place.

We walked to the place and when we arrived at about quarter past twelve, found that there was only a very small crowd there. Upon sitting down and looking at the menu, the prices deflated everyone a bit. This place was going to be one of those Posh Pubs, where I have found most don't live up to.

Anyway, I ordered the Prawn Paella, which at $21.95 was a bit steep for a lunch I thought. Usually all the places in the past that we went to, $10 would easily cover you. Once I got my beer as well, I had passed $25 spent for lunch. Usually most places have a lunch special where you either serve a smaller size or use less expensive ingredients, but this place didn't have one.

So what about the verdict on the food. It was good, but too much for lunch. My Paella had good flavours but by the end of it, was getting rather sickly. The overpowering flavours really started to get to me at the end. The Moreton Bay Bug didn't taste that fresh and the flesh wasn't very firm.

Overall consensus is that we probably won't be going back for lunch due to the high prices. The atmosphere inisde is very relaxed, with nice comfortable chairs and gentle music playing. Service was good too.

Overall Rating: 12/20, Food and service quite good but prices too expensive for a quick lunch.

Scores: 1-9: Unacceptable, don't bother. 10-11: Just OK,some shortcomings. 12: Fair. 13: Getting there. 14: Recommended. 15: Good. 16: Really good. 17: Truly excellent. 18: An outstanding experience. 19-20: Approaching perfection, Victoria's best.

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