Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lindt Chocolates for $1 Each

Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I love good chocolates. I'm not quite a connoisseur, but I can definitely tell between good and bad chocolates. When I heard word of a lolly shop in the vicinity of our new work building, I had to pay them a visit and see what they had.

I took a walk to the shop, called Sweet As, near the corner of North Road and East Boundary Road. I was expecting a warehouse type thing but it was a fully furnished shop with heaps of lollies and chocoalates. I will need to go back to get a better look at the merchandise, but the first thing that caught my eye was Lindt blocks of chocolates for $1. I had forgotten to bring my wallet so quickly borrowed a few bucks from everyone. I then grabbed seven blocks of the Creme Caramel chocolates.

So it sounded too good to be true right, well sort of. There obviously a catch. You don't go selling good chocolates for such ridiculous prices. The usual price for these Creme Caramel blocks is $5.50. Upon closer inspection at the sign, it showed that the chocolates were past their used by date. I looked at the used by date and it was only a couple of days ago. Ah big deal. The chocolates would still be fine. The used by dates are always conservative and I've eaten heaps of things past their dates and never had a problem.

After I paid and went outside, I tucked into a block with my work mates. It was delicious and tasted fine. I might have to go back and buy some other types. They also had the mocha flavour for $5 for 5. I will have to pay regular visits to the store now to see what they have on special each time. Until then, I will chomp on my delicious chocolates.


  1. Do,

    You would eat chocolate even if it was covered in mildew and grime so no one who reads this would be one bit surprised!!!

  2. Where exactly is this place? Luv chocs too especially cheap one hehe..

  3. I'm always looking for a bargain. I've been past but never knew they stocked lindt. Great post!

  4. Anonymous 1, I don't mind eating some things that are past their used by date especially as they don't pose a health risk according to me.

    Anonymous 2, the store is called "Sweet As" and it has a huge sign with a candy in wrapping. It near the intersection of North Road and East Boundary Road in Bentleigh East. It surrounded by car dealerships such as a Honda dealership I think. That's as accurate an address as I can give now since our company just moved to that part of town and I don't really know the place yet.

    Truffle, they have a huge range of stuff, all a bit cheaper than supermarket prices. But I love buying their on special stuff. I've eaten my way through a few blocks of the Lindt chocolates and no stomach problems so far.

  5. Is there any train station nearby since I only use public transport but really wanna go there hehe.. Thanx

  6. Anonymous, if you get off at Murrumbeena Station and walk straight down Murrumbeena Road towards North Road, it's about a 1km walk.

    I just went back to the shop again and picked up more chocolates, some a week overdue, some not. They had Lindt Balls for $5, which is still cheap compared to the normal price. I also picked up Dul Dor exquisite truffle chocolates for $2.50 a box, they were a week overdue. I've eaten two boxes and no problems at all, they taste fantastic.