Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Definition of Seafood

I went on a day trip with some friends on the Great Ocean Road to the Twelve Apostles. You can read all about it here. It was a great trip and my favourite part of the day was watching the sunset at the Twelve Apostles. It was truly beautiful as the photo below only partially does justice to.

Initially, I thought another highlight would be eating the seafood at seaside towns along the way. How wrong I was going to be. The advertised seafood in the brochures showed oysters done 5 ways, lobster with creamy sauces and prawns grilled to perfection. When we stopped at the towns, we couldn't find any seafood at all, well hardly any.

Our main stop for lunch was at Apollo Bay, where there was suppose to be glorious lobsters to try. We walked down the main street and passed heaps of cafes and shops all having the word seafood on their names or front window. What was the definition of seafood, basically fish and chip shops. The seafood was just battered fish and some calamari. Where was the fresh lobsters, juicy oysters, clams of all varities, crabs, scallops, fresh fish not battered and prawns glistening in the sunlight. It was nowhere to be seen. Fish are technically seafood but one type doesn't exactly qualify for the word seafood.

I was extremely disappointed, and the closest I got to any seafood was my lunch of battered flathead tails, potato and rocket salad. The fish didn't taste that fresh or nice at all. The meal was very small and not that cheap either. I was disappointed that I wasn't tucking into a huge platter of fresh seafood.


  1. The definition of Seafood excludes MUSSELS!!!

    Learn to eat them you fat hobo!!!

  2. I don't like to eat mussels so why should I have to eat them. You don't like eating oysters, I don't force you to eat them do I?

  3. Real men eat mussels.

    You bastard guy!!

    Just stick it in your mouth and chew.

    According to the UN Statistics, 99.0% of men who don't eat mussels should TAO TOI!!

  4. Anonymous, if I stick the mussels in my mouth, chew and swallow it, most likely I will be regurgitating not soon after.

    Your statistics are always interesting but are incorrect as usual. UN statistics say that 99.0% of men who eat like a slob should GON JU TAO TOI.

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  6. It was a shame that we were pressed for time. i am sure with better research and if we had more time we would have found a better restaurant.... i was looking forward to crayfish too.... :(

  7. :( oh dun be sad sweetheart

    maybe next time!

  8. Sharon, a lot of these places tend to oversell what they have. I've been to lots of seaside towns where the advertising says there seafood only to find fish and chips.

  9. Stop your yapping!!!!

    Sharon you whine more than Miss Piggy!

  10. Take your vitamins and shut up!