Sunday, November 18, 2007

Falafel Kitchen

I had seen Falafel Kitchen in quite a few places, but never got round to trying one. For Friday lunch this week, we went and tried it as we stumbled across one on Centre Road in Bentleigh.

At Falafel Kitchen, you would probably want to try falafel. And as much as I love falafel, the sight of the lamb spinning on the gyro meant I had to eat that. Everyone else had more or less the same thing, just variations of it. There were lamb wraps, lamb pockets where you get to put in your own salads and the lamb plate that I got, where again you get to pick your own salads.

Here is my lamb plate.

The roast lamb was very tender and yummy. In terms of salad, you can pick from a huge variety. There was a pasta salad, a couple of variations of pickled vegetables, taboleh of course, coleslaw, potato salad, chickpea and sweet potato salad, green salad etc. Then there were condiments such as hommus (what is the correct spelling, hummus, hommus, hommous?), garlic sauce, chilli sauce etc. A very nice mix of stuff that you can choose from to accompany your choice of meat. Very nice, I will be going back.


  1. Your lamb plate looks like a spot where a dog goes everytime and no one cleans up afterwards

  2. I don't want to hear about your home stories where you eat your dogs stuff instead of cleaning it up. Please, keep that to yourself.

  3. I can't believe there are people so rude and ignorant as anonymous above.
    I think this dish looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.