Sunday, November 04, 2007

Work BBQ

We had a BBQ at work to raise money for a table tennis table for the dining area. It was held at the park area near our work place.

Here's some work mates walking purposefully towards the destination. It reminded me of the movie Armaggedon where the brave astronauts are walking to the spacecraft. Or possibly Miss Congeniality when Sandra Bullocks strides purposefully out of the shed after her make over, and there's a whole gang of people behind her, all walking in slow motion.

Chef John was happily cooking away in his apron....NOT.

Jennifer was the other chef slaving away in front of the flaming bbq.

There was various sausages and hamburgers and vegie burgers.

Wei and Tafazal were there to serve the food and collect the money. Tafazal was auctioning off the sausages to the highest bidders.

I got there early to beat the queue and was tucking away at my sausage and supposed beef burger (tasted nothing like beef so I suspect I got a vegie burger, uggghhhh). Emmanuel already scoffed down his sausage.

Mark and Jessie eating away, also early arrivers so therefore beating the queue.

There was Tin in the centre of the photo doing his best "stare down the camera" look.

The queue of people starting to build up.

Once we were done eating, we stood around looking beautiful. Keiran here is doing his best "Top Gun" look, with his Top Gun sunnies despite the day being totally overcast. Hahaha.


  1. I've heard of workplaces that hold BBQs or luncheons to raise money for charity or other fundraisers, but to hold a BBQ for a table tennis table which cost like $200 retail shows how weak your company really is. What's next? You going to hold another fundraiser at a 5 star buffet to raise money for a new toilet brush in the mens?

  2. Tan is only pooooof to take photos at this event.