Thursday, April 03, 2008

BBQ Installation 101

I used to have a tiny Asian hawker style BBQ. I love the flavour that the coals produced on the meat, but it was so much effort to fire it up. So finally, I decided to get a gas BBQ. I bought a four burner BBQ, which is more than enough. It was really cheap as the shop was having a weekend sale.

Despite asking whether I could pay for installation of the BBQ, they still said they didn't install. Hence I had to do my own installation. The instruction manual was quite light, with pictures of the steps. Step 1 already had errors in it, with more screws displayed than was actually used. Not to worry, I pressed on.

First the legs and base went together.

Then the burners and side panels.

Three and a half hours later when it was all done, it was time to eat. The food tasted fantastic. It still had that taste of meat over flames. The best part is that its so easy to get started. The chicken wings also didn't burn like using the coal since I could control the heat. Now I won't be envious of the neighbour who fires up the BBQ every weekend. I too can have a BBQ every weekend.

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