Saturday, March 22, 2008

World's Greatest Shave - The Aftermath

Well here are the results after the World's Greatest Shave. I managed to raise over $200 so thank you to everyone that sponsored me. It's still not too late to put in a sponsorship. If you want to donate some money to the Leukaemia Foundation, follow the link.

Donate Money To Leukaemia Foundation

So here I am with a full head of hair.

And then there was none.

And in between I had this happening mohawk.


  1. Haha, way to go Thanh! I have to get off my butt and find some $$ to donate... hopefully this week.

  2. Anna, it's still not too late to donate. Just follow the link and donate online. You will get emailed a tax receipt.

    I went and got my head slightly sunburnt over the weekend. Been scratching it like crazy today.

  3. Why is this in the food blog? Are you considered as edible? :)

  4. Anonymous, it is in the food blog because I had posted about it for donations. I need to give the readers an update.

    As for whether I'm edible, some people might find me delicious, in the metaphoric sense. I don't want any German cannibals to contact me.