Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogging To Happiness

This post is strictly about food, but since it is about blogs, I think it is appropriate to post it here as well. It originally appears in my other blog. In the case of food blogging, I've been able to meet even more people who are passionate about food, some even in real life. I hope to continue to be able to share my passion for food with others who feel similarly. So below is my original post about how blogging can make us all happier.

I had written in the past about how blogging is very therapeutic for me. I've long said that the mere act of composing the thoughts and committing them to paper just seems to lighten the burden and worry. Well, there was an article in The Age about a university study that showed that blogging does make you happier.

Blogs, instead of being an anti-social tool where individuals are isolated, are actually a tool for making connections. I find that my blog is a great avenue to make connections with others both in the virtual world and the real world. I'm able to write about varied topics and occasionally someone else will also be interested and discussions will occur. As we all tend to have a limited number of friends who may not necessarily enjoy everything we do, a blog enables me to reach a much wider audience and anyone who chooses to enter the discussion without me forcing it on them.

So I plan to keep blogging so that I can discuss interesting topics with others, remove stress by writing about things that worry me, and give me opinions on various topics.


  1. Good on you Thanh! I think your food blog brings out a warm, open enthusiasm which is really refreshing.

  2. I'm glad you blog.. otherwise we'd never have met and hung out!!

  3. The time you spent writing this pointless short article, you could used for some REAL purpose.

  4. Thanks Duncan. I always aim to be refreshing like Ami Pur toilet fragrance, Forest scent.

    PG, it's great to have met you. I would never have known about Cat's Vomit stew were it not for you.

    Anonymous, I think my real purpose is to connect with others who also enjoy food. And I think I have done ok with that.

  5. As long as that forest scent doesn't end up in your food:P hehehe.

  6. Hahaha you got what I was hinting at Duncan. Lavender chocolate, oooooh.

  7. Bogging to Happiness?

    Is your PC in the toilet?

  8. Zombie Do,

    This confirms your case that you DO need Grandma book and Spell Check

  9. The title of this post must surely be a reference as to where you're pathetic food blog belongs!!!

    In the toilet!!!