Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oasis Bakery - Razzcherries

We food lovers are a gluttonous bunch in general. We will travel far and wide for good food. Actually I didn't have to travel that far. Fortunately, my destination was within walking distance from work. What a stroke of luck. My quest this time was to find me some Razzcherries. What's a razzcherry? Well, it's dried cherries that have been infused with raspberry concentrate. I'd never heard of them before until I read Cindy's post, where she had found some razzcherries in England. Then I followed her link to her other post, where Buttons had indicated that razzcherries could be bought from Oasis Bakery. A bell rang in my head as I knew Oasis Bakery was right near my work place. I always thought it was just a bakery, so didn't really bother going. I'm glad I've been as it's a treasure trove of food.

So I had my brief to get razzcherries from the bakery. When I got there, I found so many great things. I didn't have enough time to go through everything properly, so I'll have to go back for sure. But I did find my razzcherries.

The description on the box is hilarious. It says

Razzcherries. Not since Rocky Balboe (aka Rocky VI) has America produced something so unique. Not since the Big Mac has America produced something so tasty & exclusive. Not since...where am I going with this? That's such a bad introduction! Anyways, a 'razzberry' is a cherry that tastes like a raspberry. The taste is like Briann Mannix's band - Uncanny. Unique, tasty & exclusive: really!'

Cindy describes these razzcherries like a raspberry jube lolly. I have to agree. It does taste like a jube lolly, but just better. I can't get enough of these things. I just keep eating them. They are sweet, yet sour and acidic, and fragrant and full of a weird flavour. They're like these Chinese pickled sweet plum things that I used to get mixed with a raspberry jube lolly. Mmmmmm. The only downside is that they're expensive. At $12.99 for 300g, these will have to be a rare treat rather than a regular occurance. But I recommend you try one, just for this really wonderful weird flavour.

While I was browsing quickly in the shop, I saw these Turkish coffee saucepans. Perfect. I had been looking for a small saucepan so that I could make the sugar syrup that I learnt from my Macaron Masterclass. I also picked up half a kilo of almond meal for only $9.99. I checked at Safeway afterwards, and the almond meal in there is $5.95 for 200g. Therefore, I would say $10 for every kilo. Thanks to Duncan for the tip about getting my almond meal from a middle eastern shop. I'm slowly getting there Duncan. Only a piping bag to buy before I can begin my own macaron legacy. Instead of the Isaphan, there will be the Do, or the Thanh, a durian centred macaron with a coconut shell.

Finally, when I went to pay, I saw Baklava. Oh man, I'm suppose to be saving money and yet all these temptations stare at me in the face. Of course I had to buy some, as regular readers would know that I love baklava. These baklava were good, with a very rich and strong butter flavour. BUT, they still are no match for the AMAZING baklava and other treats at El-Fayha on Sydney Road in Brunswick. I've yet to find a better baklava than at El-Fayha, but I will continue the search all in the name of research and to inform readers of this blog. I will sacrifice my own body and consume these unhealthy treats for the sake of information, wish me luck.


  1. What wonderful finds! I'm sure we're all looking forward to the results:)

    For baklava, I think you should make it one of your own cooking projects... it's not too hard and I think the superfresh homemade aspect might make it heavvvvvven.

  2. I heart El-Fayah!

    And, I can't WAIT to have a Thanh macaron. Get cracking on the durian centre! Heheh

    xox Sarah

  3. It's so good of you to sacrifice your own body for your dear readers! :)

  4. Duncan, I can't wait to make the macarons too. Mmmmm, mmmmm.

    I've been meaning to make my own baklava for a while now. I first saw Simon Bryant make it on the Cook and The Chef. I went and got that recipe. It then turns out that recipe is the exact same one as in my Belinda Jeffery Mix and Bake book. Hence, I'm certain it will be good since all of Belinda's desserts that I have made have been really good.

    Sarah, I heart El-Fayah too. Just wish they were closer to home.

    A Thanh macaron will definitely taste good, not sure about the looks though.

    Agnes, I do my best for the readers. It's all about you. I hope to inspire you all to eat more.

  5. The Turkish saucepan is so cute!

    Well done on your razzcherry research - my fanciful notion of it being an actual hybrid plant was obviously not right but who cares? They are delicious!

    I have been wanting to visit the Oasis bakery for some time but have had trouble making the trip across town. How ridiculous that I would sample them more easily on the other side of the world. :-D

  6. Cindy, the saucepan is pretty cool huh. Not only can I make sugar syrup with it, I can actually use it to make Turkish coffee.

    A hybrid plant did sound more cool, but they still are delicious. If only they were cheaper. I guess cherries aren't that cheap in general anyway.

    It is strange that you should try razzberries in England, and then I also read about it, and can go to Oasis Bakery which is a walk away from work. The small world of food blogging eh.

  7. Well all this time I loved razzcherries, but up until now I had no idea what they even were! Thankyou for your investigative work Thanh! Well done! And I'm glad you are as much of a fan of Oasis as I really is just that, an Oasis. Make sure you sample the housemade tahini in the fridges, the best one I've ever had!

  8. Thank you Buttons for a)letting me know that razzcherries could be bought from Oasis, and b)opening my eyes to the amazing oasis of food that exists right near my work place.

    I'm definitely going back again and again to explore what else they offer. There's so many dried fruits and nuts and spices that I want to slowly check out.

    I love tahini so I'll get some for sure.