Monday, June 28, 2010

Sirena Tuna and LaZuppa Soup

Sometimes, some things are so obvious, you wonder why someone hasn't done it earlier. As I eat a lot of tuna (mainly for breakfast as I rush out the door for work in the mornings), I like to have lots of different flavours. I've constantly wondered why anyone hasn't paired tuna with herbs. Tuna comes in every other flavour, why not simply with herbs. Fish all go well with herbs, and finally, someone has done it.

Sam Vassos from The PR Edge was nice enough to send me a sample of Sirena Tuna, with their new herb range. Look how beautifully the tuna was packaged, with a cute little wooden spoon.

I opened the pack to find tuna infused with basil, dill and rosemary oil. I think the herbs work well with the tuna, giving it a hint of freshness. The Sirena tuna is definitely a premium brand, with a whole chunk of tuna rather than flaked tuna. This means the tuna is of a nice firmer texture and better taste. Also, don't waste the oil, you can drizzle it over grilled bread once you've eaten the tuna.

After you've eaten your tuna, you might want a nice hearty soup during these cold winter months. Well, luckily for me, Sam also sent me some LaZuppa Soup. LaZuppa have extended their range and introduced a Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Soup and a Chicken and Corn Chowder. The soups are fat free, low GI, gluten free, dairy free and contain no artificial additives. Those things are all important, but for me, taste is most important. Surprisingly to me, the soups actually taste quite good. Of course they'll never be as good as a home brewed soup, but it's not bad considering you just have to microwave it for a couple of minutes and you have an instant comforting soup to combat the cold weather.

Products sent to me for sampling courtesy of Sam Vassos from The PR Edge.


  1. hi thanh,
    sirena be the only brand of tuna i eat. in particular the italian one. haven't really tried the others.

    la zuppa i'm going to stay away from. have had the corn chowder which was so so, but the pumpkin one that i had last time tasted like dish water.. eugh..

  2. The Sirena sounds quite good, might actually try it some day when I feel like can/ jar tuna.
    Not sure about microwave soup though... hmmm

  3. I-Ling and Ling, the Sirena tuna was very good. Of all the three flavours, I liked the dill flavour the best.

    I-Ling, I'll make sure I never get the pumpkin soup, that sounds foul. The two flavours I got were ok.