Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Melbourne Mad Hatter Spring Picnic - We Came, We Ate, We Conquered

Melbourne Food Blogger's Mad Hatter Spring Picnic

In nature, there is a species scientifically known as Greedyula Eaterspis, or more commonly know as Food Bloggers. Occasionally, they will mass congregate in a ceremony where they will indulge in their favourite activity of grazing on the Winter's feed. They will fan out their finest plumage occasionally sounds of "ooooh", "yummmm" and "mmmmm" can be heard when they sight feed such as "Lambus Roasticus", "Cupcakenathus" and "Currycerus Puffica".

Below is a prime example of the Greedyula Eaterspis species, displaying all her finest plumage to encourage others of the species to partake in the grazing. The sub species below is known as a "Linda", whose favourite feed is a "macaronus".

Yet another spectacular sub species is the "Emma", who is more fond of the "Teapotical Cakecus". While the Emma prefers not to adorn any head plumage, others sub species such as "Kat", "Billy" and "Penny" love to use their head plumage to maximise their display of power and hence graze on more feed.

Other sub species, such as "Vee" use smaller head plumage but pair it up with the irresistible "Lambus Roasticus" to make sure they are noticed and hence will be offered lots of feed to graze on.

While the above sub species are able to be noticed singular, others use the technique of pairings and groups to attract more attention. Usually, one member of the group will have darker toned plumage while the others will have brighter colours. This contrasting pairing has been scientifically proven to be most seductive to the eyes and hence attract most attention. Below, the effect can be seen again and again, with the sub species "Josh and Kat", "Deb and Michele", "Thanh and Linda", "Emanuela and Christy", "Michelle, Michelle, Joe and Nicole", "Sandra, Allan, Vee and Mark".

Once all the preening and displays of power were over, it was a frenzy of grazing. The numerous variety of glorious food was spread across many areas and it was every animal for themselves. The pace was frenetic and each animal ensured they sampled at least one piece of each food. Many satisfied nods of approval, sounds of contentment and licking of lips could be seen.

Finally, there was a ceremonial presentation to the victors in this crazy feeding frenzy. The victors were deemed to have produced the most deletable feed and were awarded some material to take back to their nest. Congratulations to all those who were awarded some nest material.

It was a fantastic day and the biggest thanks must go to all the fellow Food Bloggers who turned up that day. There would be no congregation without you, and it was an utter delight to meet everyone. Thanks also to the sponsors below who helped add a bit more tang to the day. Hope to do it all again soon.

Chef's Armoury, Pan Asian, Chilli Padi, The French Brasserie, JORG, Make My Day, Harvey Publicity

Fellow Glorious Food Bloggers
Adrian, Allan, April, Ashley, Billy, Caryn & Brendan, Cherrie, Christy, Emanuela, Emma, Debra, Heidi, Joe & Nicole, Kat, Kat & Josh, Kenny, Lauren, Linda, Michele, Michelle, Michelle, Penny, Sandra, Sarah, Thanh, Vanessa, Kruppy & Lynda, Vee.


  1. looking at these again makes me hungry.. =P
    i can't even remember how long ago this event was LOL.
    AND boo my brownies look so depressing there, i prefer the photos i took myself at home HAHA.

  2. gorgeous photos Thanh!

    What a great day it was!

  3. Your post sounds like something that just spring out from my biology textbook. Greedyula Eaterspis. lol.

  4. Hah, funny! Sorry that I missed it, but it looks like you all had a good time. Lucked out with the weather too!

  5. What a fabulous way to celebrate the Spring Carnival.

  6. Allan, looking back at the photos made me hungry too. It's nearly lunch time here at work now. C'mon, it's not that long ago, I'm slow on my blog posts. You're brownies still look good lah.

    Michele, thank you. It was a tremendous day, everyone deserves a clap.

    *clap clap*

    Michelle, we are all Greedyula Eaterspis.

    Agnes, we had a great time. You must come to the next one.

    Bethany, a picnic is always a great way to spend a spring day.

  7. I like your blog! I feel like I'm part of your visits because your photos are great!

  8. Alissa, thanks. I hope you can continue enjoying the blog.

  9. great photos here thanh!! you guys did such a great job of organising this fantastic gathering

  10. Thanks Sandra. Glad you could come and join in on the fun. I'm sure there will be many more of these gatherings to come.