Friday, November 05, 2010

Photography Friday #15 - I Can See Ghosts

Following from my previous Photography Friday #14 - A Different Perspective, today I bring you "I Can See Ghosts". Usually photos are supposed to be sharp and clear, but occasionally, having a slightly longer shutter opening makes for some interesting photos. Due to the longer exposure, a series of images get integrated and people tend to look like ghosts, with a semi-translucent wispy look. I especially love the photo of the girl walking past the bull such that it looks like she is being stabbed by the bull.


  1. Ooo.. the first one is super ghostly but in a pretty dreamy way!

  2. I know where the first one is from... kekeke... oysters!

  3. I-Hua, I love the dream like state of it as well, and the slightly gruesome nature of the bull stabbing the girl.

    Penny, oysters = WIN.