Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Favourite Post For 2010

This month's Nuffnang Christmas Bloggers Challenge is to pick our favourite blog post for the year and explain why that is so. The prize for the winning entry is an iPad, that magical device that will revolutionise the world. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit and showing that I'm an Apple fanboy, but it is an extremely beautiful device that I would love to get my hands on and play with. So here is my entry for the competition with my favourite blog post and why I thought it was the best.

Joy To The World
Joy to the world, the iPad is come!
Let earth receive her bling;
Let every heart prepare Apple room,
And geeks and housewives sing,
And geeks and housewives sing,
The iPad, is the, most beautiful thing.

Joy to the world, the iPad reigns!
Let me win this new toy;
With my blogging, I've racked my brains,
Thinking of my best post,
Thinking of my best post,
I have, found my, real mccoy.

My favourite post, was not about Poh,
Nor how Heston astounds;
Instead, it was, related to gateaux
The land where this chef was found,
The land where this chef was found,
France was, Nic Poelaert's, home town.

My interview with Nic had truth and grace,
And showed his passion and groove,
Discussions of Nic's restaurant Embrasse,
And all the food Nic loves,
And all the food Nic loves,
Made this post, my favourite, of the year.


  1. I think you can be a poet... you can write and write and write. Wishing you luck but competition is very stiff!

  2. indeed poetic =P. and lots of self link-a-doodles too HAHA, which i happily clicked away at!

  3. I may hold my "I lost" tantrum off if this is what I lose to.

  4. Penny, I doubt I can be a poet. That would actually take a lot of skill. Competition is stiff, cross fingers.

    Allan, haha I was linking to other posts as an example, to show why my favourite post was my best. Click away please.

    Tenielle, you can still have a tantrum. Or maybe you'll win and I can throw a tantrum.