Monday, December 06, 2010

Green Goose

7 station st
Malvern, VIC 3144
Ph: 9576 0044

When breakfast king Adrian contacted me about trying out a new cafe, how could I resist. With his extensive research on cafes, he would be able to tell me whether the food was good or not. It was excellent to catch up with Adrian and Chris over a very relaxed brunch.

I was surprised to find Green Goose near the Princes Highway end just off Glenferrie Road. I didn't really think there was a cafe culture there, but it was quite full so I guess if you build it, they will come. Adrian, Chris, Ling and I were seated at a very comfortable booth table towards the back of the restaurant. We weren't sure if it would rain so didn't sit outside in the outdoor area but on a sunnier day, I'd definitely eat outside as I find the inside space a bit dark for my liking. The cafe is a long narrow space and had a slightly crowded feel, which I don't particularly like during lunch as I like it light and breezy. However, the same long and narrow space used at Izakaya Den used for dinner is very much to my liking. Go figure.

From the fairly diverse menu, Adrian picked the Poached Pear with Cinnamon Brioche. It sounded really good and definitely had the wow factor in terms of appearance, but Adrian thought it only tasted ok. Ling go the Eggs Benedict with extra Chorizo. It looked very good and she said the eggs were good, although the Chorizo was a bit burnt. Chris and I both go the French Toast, which neither of us really liked. I found it neither here or there. The toast component had a bit of egg on it but I would have preferred more. The bacon could also have been crisper for me if they are going to pair it with maple syrup. The syrup was just tasteable so the dish felt like a savoury dish with a weird sweetness. The balance just wasn't right.

Luckily, dessert was really good and brought everyone's mood back up. The Hazelnut Cake was very moist and beautifully creamy with the buttercream. I absolutely loved it. The Pannacott with Wine Jelly was also a great mix of the two flavours. And surprisingly for me, I absolutely adored the Flourless Organe Cake. Flourless cakes tend to be a bit dry, but this one wasn't, and was even better combined with the cream. This was when Chris told us about his food phobia and how he would not eat any type of sauce. So he would eat a burger without tomato sauce and not have cream with his cake. It's strange what people will refuse to eat after bad experiences. Ling doesn't eat Roast Duck because she got really sick from it once. I don't eat mussels ever since I got sick from the two times I tried it, and that was over 10 years ago. Yet I will eat more equally pungent seafood such as raw oysters that I adore, sea urchin, blood clams, pippies etc. Do you stay away from eating any particular foods due to bad previous experiences?

The service was serviceable, with a guy who looked like the owner and one of the waitresses being warm and friendly. Another waitress was like an ice queen and quite direct and sour faced. I didn't feel it in the ambiance stake, with the back end being too dark for my liking. Food wise, the savoury breakfast items were not that good, but the lunch menu looked far more promising on paper and I would go back to try as I know I can reward myself with ultra delicious desserts afterward if the savoury dishes aren't too good.

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  1. My sister stayed away from mung bean thread for a bit due to a bad indigestion episode relating to a mung bean thread dish. It took her three years to get rid of the fear. I on the other hand, do not really bother. I suffered from a lot of food poisoning experiences but still consume the items that got me ill in the first place not long after i recover

  2. HmMm.. lacklustre performance then.. BOO!

  3. Yes, I'd go back for the desserts! :) I was quite disspointed with the meals espcially the very savoury french toast!?

    Funilly enough, just off Glenferrie Rd on the way home, we say a new espresso funky cafe that would be cool to check out. I still think we should hit up China Bar Signature Buffet soon!!!!!!!

  4. I like how you said breakfast king - Adrian... kekeke

  5. Awww, shame about breakkie, but yum at hazelnut cake! :) So disappointed I couldn't go along! Definitely keen next time!

  6. I don't particularly like the scent of fake coconut oil - it makes me gag. Luckily I'm not in the habit of eating tropical sunscreen though. That cake looks pretty dense and impressive!

  7. You had dessert after eating French toast? In awe of your sweets stomach (even if the French toast was a bit savoury!).

    And as for food aversions.... I honestly can't think of anything! I still eat almost everything... haha.

  8. Michelle, your stronger than most people I think. Usually food poisoning or getting sick from food keeps people away from it for a while.

    I-Hua, desserts are good.

    Adrian, we must go to China Bar buffet. Let's do it.

    Penny, yep Adrian is definitely the breakfast king.

    Ashley, will definitely ask you to come along next time.

    Trina, haha stay awake from that tropical sunscreen. I don't like the smell of fake almond essence as well, really sickening.

    Agnes, you know I love sweet stuff.

  9. I have been wondering about this place, it's right near work! Glad to know I'm not missing much. I wouldn't really do dessert for lunch... unless it was fat friday :P