Thursday, December 02, 2010

Peko Peko

190 wells
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Ph: 96861109

I was invited to attend a bloggers lunch at Peko Peko by Sarah and Vanessa from Nuffnang. I arrived on the day to find Michele, Billy and Gem and Tristan as well.

Peko Peko is located in South Melbourne and was where Vanessa used to work. I also later found out another friend used to work there as well. Small world. Vanessa showed us her photo on the wall of fame. She also invited us to look around at the art work done by Jack, the owner and an ex-graphic designer.

The art work was extremely interesting, if at times a bit macabre in a fun type of way, if that's possible. I liked the drawing below of the birds taking what they needed and also the "man-period" drawing. Lots of cute little ornaments surround the counter area and give diners lots of visual stimulus.

Sarah was running late so we did what all good bloggers did, we started eating without her. We had an assortment of entrees to start with. The Silky Egg Tofu with Tempura Sprinkles was a simple dish but I loved it. Notice my photo of the dish with only half the dish cropped, it's my duplication of the Michele/Donna Hay style photography. Other entrees included Wasabi Mayo Prawn, Peko Sausages, Salt and Chilli Calamari and Pepper Squid Ball. Each was very delicious, with my favourite being the crisp and tender calamari. I was most interested in the Peko Sausage, as it was a Taiwanese type of sausage which I had never tried before. It was like a sweet pork sausage, and once we had it was the raw garlic, was a great dish.

The mains contained Pop Chicken, Crispy Honey Beef, Mince Mince, Chilli Calamari and Taiwan Sausage. Sides of vegetables were also served. The Pop Chicken was my favourite of the dishes. How can you not love fried chicken right? I found the Crispy Honey Beef to be quite nice, although a bit too salty. It needed to go with more rice but I was already quite full. The mince is comfort food that my mum makes, with pork and eggs stewed in soy. Finally, the chilli calamari again was good but a tad salty. I loved the crispness of the vegetables and Michele and I were wondering what the delicious sauce was. We were commenting that it's on all Japanese type salad. We have since found out that it is Roasted Sesame dressing.

Finally, my favourite part of dessert did not disappoint. There was quite a few options on the menu and Michele and I were quite greedy and ordered three of them to try between the two of us. The Cheese Cake Duo contained a fluffy Japanese style cheese cake, which I have made previously. It's sinfully delicious as it's totally deceptive. It tastes so light but is actually laced with cream cheese, cream, eggs and sugar, love it. The Yoyo Pancake was a warm cake enveloping a smooth custard. It was served with ice cream drenched with syrup, how can you go wrong. Finally, the Earl Grey Pannacotta was the perfect texture and laced with the flavour of tea. It went beautifully with the sesame ice cream.

That rounded out an extremely satisfying meal with my fellow food bloggers. I really enjoyed the food here and would come back if I was in the area. The restaurant was filled with many locals all happily enjoying a relaxing lunch in a comfortable surrounding, which must be a good sign.

Thanks to Jack from Peko Peko and Nuffnang for my complimentary meal.

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  1. baha! nice artistic shot of me :P

  2. Is there any connection to the Peko Peko on Smith St?

  3. The cheesecake looks really soft and fluffy! Like pillows! Got my mouth watering!

  4. Michele, a very nice shot I agree.

    Anonymous, I don't think the two restaurants are related.

    Michelle, you can make it at home yourself, it's the most delicious cheesecake.