Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miss Marples Tea Room

382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd
Sassafras, VIC 3787
Ph: 9755 1610
Website: Miss Marples Tea Room

To increase our fitness and just enjoy a day out in the sun, a group of us went to Mount Dandenong for some hiking. We revisited much of the same ground as my previous visit, as there are only so many things to do up there.

The day started with a couple of hikes up and down the "1000" steps. My thighs were killing me by the end of the second lap, when I saw an old man passed me on his third circuit. Must get fitter!

So after our massive climb, it was time to eat of course. Where does anyone go except Miss Marples Tea Room. It's touristy, but so what, it's fun. The over the top building and waitresses in period costume is a bit of fun. The food is also good, albeit pricey. It is a tourist destination after all.

While waiting the obligatory 30 minutes for a table, we wondered around all the shops in Sassafras. I really like the Tea Leaves shop as I really enjoy tea. Look at all the amazing teapots and miniature teapots.

For lunch, we shared between the six two Beef Pies, two serves each of Pineapple Ham Fingers and Smoked Salmon Fingers. I like all the food, with the pie being hearty and the fingers being a good simple item.

And lastly, you can't go past the famous Scones, or as I like to call them, Sponge Cakes. Whatever they are, they're tasty, combined with their whipped cream and homemade raspberry jam.

So, if you have a day free and not sure what to do, take a quick drive to Mount Dandenong and climb the 1000 steps. You can take it as a challenge and try a few times at a quick pace, or take it easy and climb up slowly enjoying the sights and sounds. Then you can reward yourself with some yummy scones at Miss Marples.

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  1. I like Miss Marples, but it's so hard to get a table there! I think their waffles are much better than their scones. After eating scones at Dolls at the mount, definitely no more Miss Maples scones for me XD

    but their waffles! their open sandwiches! YUM!

  2. I didn't even know about their waffles. Must try that next time. What is this Dolls place in which you speak of Celeste? Are they also in Mount Dandenong? Are they even better than Miss Marples?

  3. I heard that the scones here are popular...

  4. it's very much a touristy / novelty thing =P. i think the first / second time was ok... then i'm just like meh now =P.

  5. 1000 step to food? That is such torture!

  6. Definitely cakes.. never call them scones here.. huge pieces of cakes :)

  7. Oh, no, no... Visit Ripe on the other side of Tea Leaves... Delicious!! (And they make their hot chocolates using Lindt chocolate)

  8. Michelle, they are famous for their scones.

    Allan, it's touristy but I still like to go as it's a bit of fun.

    Penny, without torture, how can you know pleasure haha.

    April, thanks for that tip. I shall indeed try that next time.

  9. I-Hua, jump on the cakes bandwagon. I really must start a Facebook page for it :-). There's quite a few people who are on this bandwagon already.

  10. I love their icecream! A good way to indulge yourself into a stackload of kilo joules.

  11. Judy, I've eyed off the ice cream many times. I must give it a go next time.