Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hot Air Ballooning In The Yarra Valley

Hot air ballooning is seriously good fun. It's so peaceful, majestic, refreshing and relaxing. It's definitely not cheap, but worth doing at least once. We booked our trip via Red Balloon, with the package including the balloon ride and a champagne breakfast. Every aspect of the adventure was excellent, from setting up the balloon, to flying, to landing, to packing the balloon up, to hearing the history of ballooning, and finally the totally indulgent breakfast served with a never ending glass of champagne. I highly recommend this experience. The balloon leaves from Rochford Winery, so after you're finished, you can sample some more wines there and then visit the rest of the Yarra Valley. I shall now let the photos tell the story. It was an utterly amazing day and although it was expensive, I shall treasure those sensations and memories for a long long time. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments sections and I'll respond to them.

Rochford Winery Breakfast
Rochford Winery Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Domaine Chandon Winery Tour and Tasting

Yering Farm Cheese Tasting

Vines At Helen's Hill Lunch
Vines Restaurant at Helen’s Hill on Urbanspoon


  1. fantastic photos Thanh!

    I <3 hot air ballooning. I've done it over Melbourne. The only bad bit was the 5am wake up!

  2. Went on a hot ballon trip ages ago. So peaceful up there.. love it!

  3. Michele, thank you. I love hot air ballooning too. I was wondering if the flight over Melbourne would be even better as more things to see.

    I agree that the early wake up was really bad.

  4. Fantastic - I really want to go hot air ballooning one day. One day!

    Great shots - the photo of the balloon over the Yarra Valley is SUPERB, Thanh.

  5. Agnes, just save up the money and do it, so much fun. Thanks, that's my favourite photo too.

  6. I love your story on the beautiful part of the world I live in, the Yarra Valley. It's great to read feedback like that.
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    Id like to invite you to create one (especially using the great "lit up" balloon image over our Valley and have it posted on our site. Alternatively, would you allow me to create one using use parts of your blog post? ( With a back-link to your site )
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    I hope to hear from you soon or receive your unique postcard. Cheers, John