Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Paul and Sue's Engagement Party

Congratulations to my friends Paul and Sue on their engagement party. To celebrate, they threw a massive feast that catered to everyone, from meativores to vegievores. Sue did a great job in cooking most things and preparing the table layout and all the decorative flowers and balloons. Here is the happy couple cutting a delicious Bread Kingdom cake.

For the meativores, a whole table was set up and comprised of items such as Chicken Curry, Delicious Chilli Fried Chicken Wings, Steamed Fish, Baked Fish, Sticky Rice and numerous other items.

The vegievores got their pick of Home Made Pasties, Stir Frys, Salads, Briyani Rice, Vegetable Skewers and Dips.

After the savouries, there was a Cheese Platter, a mountain of Fruit, Jelly Pannacotta and of course the cake.

We all ate heartily and happily until we couldn't move. Thanks to Paul and Sue for the wonderful party and I wish them the best of luck with their upcoming marriage. I'll happily taste test all your wedding food guys to help you find the right reception place.


  1. Wow, there's even a cheese spread!

  2. Michelle, yep it was the works. Loved all the food.

  3. Yum! What a fabulous, delicious party. The food looks so good - I would love some of those greens and mushrooms. Not that you're a fashion blogger, but I love Sue's dress :) They look very happy, wishing them all the best!
    Heidi xo

  4. Wow, I can't believe the bride to be cooked and prepared all that food!

    All the best to them!

  5. Wow, the food looks so delicious, what a spread! Your photos are gorgeous Thanh, so bright and colourful.

    All the best to them :)

  6. Heidi, the food was delicious. I'm not fashion expert but I think Sue's dress looks good too.

    April, yep, she spent two days preparing all that food. I didn't even photograph everything.

    Ashley, thank you so much. I finally learning the art of Lightroom. It can really help clean up the photos.