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Malaysia Kitchen Summit Competition - Omah's vs Lady Gaga

138 Rouse St
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
Ph: 9676 9918

Malaysia Kitchen Competition
Malaysia Kitchen is an initiative set up by the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and aim's to increase Australian's awareness of Malaysian food. I have been chosen as 1 of 12 finalist for the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Summit to be held later this year. Each blogger will write 4 posts on various Malaysian restaurants of their choice, which will then be posted on the Malaysia Kitchen Summit Website and voted on by readers. The 3 bloggers with the greatest total votes will get to go to Malaysia later this year to join the summit.

Omah's Malaysian is one of my favourite places for mud crab, and I'm always telling everyone about it. I was thinking how I could get the message through to more people. After some brainstorming, the answer was obvious, Lady Gaga. Gaga loves food, so much so that she wore it as clothing. So my idea is to approach Gaga and suggest she wear some Malaysian food as part of her elaborate costumes.

So, what would you get if you combine delicious Lady Gaga and Salted Egg Mud Crab?

Image of Lady Gaga courtesy of

Salted Egg Mud Crab High Heels

Image of crab claw courtesy of Almost Always Ravenous

The Salted Egg Mud Crab at Omah's is sensational. The salted egg coats the crab and provides a lovely flavour, without being grainy. I love to peel out the crab meat and then pick off the salted egg from the shell and eat them together. Gaga can wear the crab claws as high heels, rather than the copycat Alexander McQueen claw shoes which are clearly inspired by crab claws.

Mee Goreng Hat

Image of crab claw courtesy of Accidental Sexiness

The Mee Goreng at Omah's is very good, with a nice "wok" flavour, lots of prawns and chicken and a strong flavour which I prefer. Gaga can work this plate of Mee Goreng into her wardrobe as a hat. It works to shade her eyes, and also when she's hungry, she can nibble at the noodles.

Five Spice Mud Crab Handbag

Image of crab claw courtesy of Vintage Handbag & Purses

The Five Spice crab is as the name suggests, cooked in five spices. It also has fresh vegetables in onion, spring onion and chilli to lift the flavours. This crab is good, but obviously not as good as my favourite salted egg crab. Gaga can definitely use this crab and incorporate it as a handbag. It's far better than a Versace handbag as this crab handbag has not only colour and depth, but also a beautiful smell.

Chilli Mud Crab Bow Tie

Image of crab claw courtesy of Bauer-Griffin

The Chilli Mud Crab is probably Omah's signature crab, but in my opinion is probably their weakest. It's not terrible but I really don't like the sweet element to it. Instead, their Salted Egg (sensational), Lemongrass (sensational), Black Pepper (excellent) and Five Spice (good) are all better I think. Gaga can help show off these crabs by using it as an accessory to her crazy outfits. Here, she shows it off as a bow tie.

So as we can clearly see, delicious Malaysian food can be perfectly advertised by Lady Gaga as fashion items. Before you know it, all the cool kids will be wearing crab claw shoes and Mee Goreng hats in the streets.

Please check out the Malaysia Kitchen Summit website to vote, hopefully for me, Thanh Do from I Eat Therefore I Am, if you like my post.

Voting period: Friday, 5th August, 2011 (15:00 AEST) – Wednesday, 31st August, 2011 (16:00 AEST)


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I dined at Omah's courtesy of Malaysia Kitchen.


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  2. the crab claw is brilliant! love it!

  3. AHAHAHAHHA.. oh my.. that is hilarious.. what the? I love the crab claws!! And I'm not just saying that to leave a comment :P

  4. Omigosh, total props for a ridiculously unique spin on crab claws ;) I couldn't decide whether Lady Gags's outfits were yummier or the salted egg yolk crabs...I feel so disturbed now haha.

  5. hideous photos...made only slightly better by the crab claws...maybe if it covered her face, and the rest of her body as well

  6. Hahaha, love it, it's so funny!!! The crab claw shoes are the funniest!!

  7. Hahahahha! So awesome! Malaysian food is not represented enough in high circles...perfect ploy! ;) Mee goreng hat in particular was my favourite...