Monday, August 01, 2011

Mart 130 - Breakfast

107 Canterbury Rd
Middle Park, VIC 3206
Ph: 9690 8831

It started with a bet. Let me rewind back to the start and tell you the story. When I learned about an iPhone game called Words with Friends, I started to play it and get quite addicted. I was/am fiercely competitive in most things and this game was the same. I introduced Agnes to this game, and while I thrashed her in the first few games, she started to play ultra strategic like me, and beat me consistently at my own game. A bet was struck and we decided to play best of five games, with the loser buying the winner a meal. Luckily, I managed to sneak a win and hence Agnes paid her debt with a meal.

Agnes left the decision for the meal up to me, and after a bit of searching, I decided on breakfast at Mart 130 as it received really great reviews. Neither of us had gone before and only now do we know that all of Melbourne's other bloggers have been and loved the place. The restaurant is actually located at Middle Park at a tram stop, 130. Trust me when I say that Google Maps will lead you to the wrong location so don't trust it. Basically the restaurant is across the rail tracks away from the Middle Park Hotel. The restaurant is a cute little place with quite a small indoor seating area and a verandah area out the back that is semi open and looks onto gardens. It's a very relaxing area in the back and I love the streaming sunlight through the plastic shades.

After much indecision, unlike my usual self, I decided on the Smoked Salmon with Poached Eggs. There were far too many enticing options both savoury and sweet, hence my indecision. The smoke salmon I had was very tasty and the eggs cooked perfectly. My cappuccino was also very good and creamy.

Agnes ordered the corn fritters, and my Spidey senses started tingling. From my wealth of eating experience, I could tell that Agnes' dish was a far superior dish to mine. I pounced and quickly told her that I'd happily share my dish with her, and threw half my meal onto her plate. This forced her hand and she had to give me half her corn fritters muahahaha. How right my Spidey senses were. The corn fritters were amazingly delicious with lashings of bacon rashers and chutney. I wolfed down the fritters and then slowly ate my salmon. I'm definitely ordering the fritters next time so I can eat the whole dish.

We had a great time relaxing on our day off from work and enjoyed our Bloggers Of Leisure Who Lunch (BOLWL) status, while our fellow bloggers were hard at work. It may have started with one person losing a bet, but it definitely ended with two bloggers enjoying a wonderful relaxing breakfast and learning about a great new dining location. A big win in my books.

Thanks for the meal Agnes, and the company.

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  1. During my first year in melbourne, I used to think of this place as a tram stop with a restaurant! I guess i was right. hehe

  2. photos are deliciously good!!!

  3. I, too, loved the orgasmic fritters, they were like like some wonderful surprise bursting delicious salty flavour in your mouth!

  4. nom nom nom.. will pay a visit there soon :)

  5. Your Spidey sense better not be tingling to throw your choice on my plate on our next breakfast date! I'll smack you!!

  6. One day we'll be proper BOLWL and eat corn fritters every day!!!1!!1!!!


  7. This is one place I have been meaning to visit for a long while but never had my act together to hit up on the weekend. As a fellow blogger, I keep my eyes of what is coming out of the kitchen for what I may have next time. Were you overly impressed with the possible other dishes or was it quite 'same-y'?

  8. Michelle, yep definitely go to the tram stop, that's where it is.

    I-Hua, I know who not to go to breakfast with :-)

    Agnes, we can only hope that we'll be full time BOLWL.

    Globetaster, I was impressed with other dishes coming out. I looked enviously at the next table who were having sweet breakfasts that I really wanted as well. There were also a few other interesting looking savoury dishes that I wanted. I think I picked the most safe and boring dish on the whole menu.

  9. I went there with a friend. We ordered exactly the same dishes - Salmon and Corn fritters. Haha

    Yeah corn fritter's GOOD!

    Like the restaurant and the creative name too.

  10. Their food gives me tingles too, and I'm not talking about no spidey senses.