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Malaysia Kitchen Summit Competition - Lim's Nyonya Hut vs Hollywood Movies

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Malaysia Kitchen Competition
Malaysia Kitchen is an initiative set up by the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and aim's to increase Australian's awareness of Malaysian food. I have been chosen as 1 of 12 finalist for the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Summit to be held later this year. Each blogger will write 4 posts on various Malaysian restaurants of their choice, which will then be posted on the Malaysia Kitchen Summit Website and voted on by readers. The 3 bloggers with the greatest total votes will get to go to Malaysia later this year to join the summit.

Food and movies go together like bread and butter. But there's a problem, it's always French food that gets all the glory. Movies such as Chocolat, Ratatouille and Julie & Julia all feature French food as the central star. Even Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman famously flung that escargot across the restaurant. Well, I plan on changing that. I have some ideas for featuring Malaysian food in Hollywood films.

300 Calories

Imagine a film, with these ancient warriors, who love to eat Malaysian entrees. They could be feasting on Satay skewers, chicken and beef, or Lobak, mince wrapped in bean curd skin and fried. The satay skewers were ok, with the sauce quite good but the meat a bit tough. The lobak was delicious and everyone loved the fried parcels.

You, Mee and Roti

Imagine a movie about a happily married couple, who have a friend that attend their wedding and in doing so loses his job. They feel sorry so let him stay with them for a while. But soon they find out that he keeps eating way more than his share of Malaysian food. Their friend will eat their Mee Goreng and Rendang with Roti. The Mee Goreng had a good texture and quite a strong flavour. The Rendang was tender but a bit salty, even with the flaky roti.

Green Pandan

The best way to promote Malaysian food is definitely with a superhero that people can identify with. So I present to you....."Green Pandan". His role is to prevent people from eating bad food and introduce them to the wonderful flavour of pandan. He can recommend dishes like the Nasi Lemak with Pandan Rice and Ondeh Ondeh. The Nasi Lemak had some belachan chicken wings, which didn't have much belechan flavour. The calamari was quite a strange addition as I've never seen it at other restaurants and it was served cold, which I didn't really like. However, the pandan rice was delicately fragrant. The Ondeh Ondeh was excellent, with a pandan exterior housing a liquid palm sugar exploding centre. The other range of kueh (dessert cakes made from rice) were also excellent. Each had a distinct look, texture and taste. I loved them all.

Titanic Kachang

The last film I can suggest is a film about a young couple, who meet on a big cruise ship that is sailing across the seas on its maiden voyage. The ship runs into a titanic ice kachang, where all the patrons then proceed to eat the delicious dessert. The kachang at Lim's was really good, with lots of condiment that combined well together.

So that's my plan for promoting Malaysian food in Hollywood movies. I'm sure my ideas would be embraced by the Hollywood studios. So where do I go to contact them about it?

Please check out the Malaysia Kitchen Summit website to vote, hopefully for me, Thanh Do from I Eat Therefore I Am, if you like my post.

Voting period: Friday, 5th August, 2011 (15:00 AEST) – Wednesday, 31st August, 2011 (16:00 AEST)


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I dined at Lim's Nyonya Hut courtesy of Malaysia Kitchen.

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