Friday, September 10, 2010

Photography Friday #7 - Smile At The Camera

Following from my previous Photography Friday #6 - Light Up My Life, today I bring you my favourite series so far "Smile At The Camera". Being able to capture a candid photo of people really brings a photo to life. Making the photos black and white actually adds to the emotions and adds depth to the photo, which seems counter intuitive. I personally love all four photos, each giving a sense into what the subject was thinking. I didn't take the photo of myself, and must thank Dennis for capturing such a great candid shot of me.


  1. Hey, the funny looking fellow with clasped hands... he looks just like my old army buddy Ioannis Vythoulas in Greece. Do some Greek restaurants here in Melbourne bro. Yo.
    Ελλάδα για πάντα

  2. it seems like candid photos of you all have a similar expression =P LOLz

  3. Anonymous, you probably have the right person. I shall try to review more Greek restaurants bro. Yo yo.

    Allan, there haven't been too many candid photos of me on this blog. But yeah, I'm no supermodel, only have a few facial expressions.