Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sydney & Melbourne Food Bloggers ‘Mad Hatter’ Spring Picnic - October 9th 2010

Fellow Melbournian food bloggers, come and join me for a picnic that will be run simultaneously with our Sydney cousins.

Michele, Penny and I will be organising the Melbourne event, while Billy and Karen would be hard at work organising the Sydney event.

What Is It About?
Basically bring a plate of food, your fanciest hat to match the theme, an empty stomach and a sense of fun and come and meet other food bloggers from Melbourne. We will be simultaneously hosting it with our fellow Sydney food bloggers for even more fun.

When Is It?
The picni will be held on Saturday October 9th, so keep you calendar free.

Can I Come?
If you have a food blog, please come along and share tips on food whilst tasting some delights from your fellow bloggers.

For Melbourne food bloggers, REGISTER HERE for invite details.

Hope to see you all at the picnic. I'll be the one wearing a big hat.


  1. *sniff* I've said it today and I'll say it again... I can't go =( SNifffffffff....

    Anyways how's Chicago?

    Hahaha.. the word verification on this is "seyphor".. if you speak Canto.. have a laugh...

  2. oooo i signed up =)
    wonder what i should bring...@_@

  3. I-Hua, I'm sure you'll have another chance.

    Chicago is good, tiring because I do have to work.

    That is pretty funny haha.

    Allan, bring something delicious.