Friday, September 17, 2010

Photography Friday #8 - The Windy City

Following from my previous Photography Friday #7 - Smile At The Camera, today I bring you sights from Chicago "The Windy City". If you're in the know, you will realise that Chicago is not called the windy city because of the wind, in fact there are 30 states with stronger average wind speeds than Chicago. Chicago is known as the windy city due to the politicians talking a lot of nonsense, especially when they were bidding for the 1897 World Fair. It was actually the first city to have skyscrapers, and the buildings here are indeed extremely beautiful. These following photos, are not of those beautiful buildings, instead I wanted to capture a few different sites around Chicago that your average tourist may not necessarily deem beautiful.


  1. awesome photos.... ipod touch vending machine?

  2. is that a double decker bus/train?
    i like the irony of "caution" and it is actually bent prolly from lack of caution haha

  3. Michele, thanks. I love the caution photo the best. Yep iPod touch and many other electronic gadgets all from a vending machine. How cool.

    Allan, double decker train but with open centre part. Felt so weird having people look down at you while you look up at them. I like that caution photo the best too, such irony.