Wednesday, September 08, 2010


126 Koornang Rd
Carnegie VIC 3163
Ph: 95696530
Website: Shyun

It's not often you find a hidden gem in the suburbs, but that's what Shyun is. I have only been eating there this year, but I already love it and hope it continues to stay open. I work near the area, and there isn't exactly many fantastic eateries around for lunch. So not Shyun a bright shining light amongst the gloom.

Unlike most takeaway Japanese, Shyun excels in the items that matter for me in a Japanese restaurant, great sushi and sashimi. Throw in the added bonus of one excellent bento "boxes" and I'm hoooked.

When I go to Shyun, I can't go past the exceptional sashimi. Their restaurant mission says:

"We aim to bring you the best, healthiest and freshest Japanese culinary experience. At shyun, we use only the highest quality ingredients."

I would totally concur with that statement, as although they don't have a huge range of sashimi, it's some of the best I've tasted in Melbourne. Even the presentation of the sashimi is appealing to the eye. The sushi is also very good, as the fish really is a highlight.

My other favourite must have dish at Shyun is the "Deluxe Bento Box", which actually isn't served in those tired old compartmentalised cliched boxes, but served in a more free form style on a plate. For about $13, you get a perfectly cooked side of salmon belly with a BBQ type sauce. Some good sushi rolls accompany some teriyaki chicken. However, the hero of this superb dish is the tempura prawns and tempura vegetable fritter. They are so insanely good, especially that vegetable fritter that I could eat a whole plate of that just be itself. Again, another sweet type sauce accompanies the tempura items. A citric, sweet salad cuts through the whole dish and is a breathe of fresh air. Even the rice has some detailed touches in perfectly pickled daikon and sesame seeds adorning it.

Gyozas are good and taste more steamed than fried. The Standard Bento is also tasty with fried pork, but I'd definitely suggest spending the extra $3 and getting the deluxe bento instead. The Chicken Karage is deep fried goodness, but I agree with my work mates and we all prefer the chicken karage from another Japanese restaurant nearby as that is more oily. I mean, if you're going to eat fried chicken, it might as well be really deep fried right? Finally, the Tonkatsu is quite different to other places. The pork is has a beautiful fine crispy crumb, and I like the addition of the egg mixed through with the pork.

This place has quickly becoming one of my and my work mates favourite joints to go eat lunch at. Now when we mention eating lunch, this option always pops up and we don't moan about the lack of great Japanese restaurants near us anymore. We are now happier suburban eaters, finally finding a gem amongst the dirt.

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  1. Agree. It is hard to find a gem in the burbs and when we do, we rave and we return again and again.

  2. After I read this, I'm really hoping that carnegie is not that far from where i live.

  3. Neighbourhood restaurants finds are the best! It's so cute how they present the bento box "buffet" style!

  4. Penny, it's so rare to find a gem in the burbs. That's why I love this place so much.

    Michelle, haha I used to hate working near Carnegie, but since I've found this place, and a new Thai place that actually opens for lunch (blog coming soon), I'm a much happier person.

    April, the bento box is so cool. It looks so elegant and tastes amazing.

  5. oooo, though soooo far =P
    have u been to suzuran? also a gem in the burbs, but closer up my way =)

  6. Cuz, haven't been to Suzuran. Are you shouting me? If you are, I'm coming. :-)

  7. hahaha, as long as u dont starve urself before going =P
    and hey wait...i'm the povo uni student, and ur the one with a job.

  8. oooo i can post using my new blog link... .. oopsy thought i'd see if it works =P
    +/- self advertising LOLz

  9. There is also another good value Thai restuarant in Carnegie, Khung Thai. It's a hidden gem as well. Khung Thai is take-away style shop with tasty dishes. Curries, Conconut rice, Pad Ngar are my highlights. Oh yes, forget to tell you price range, nothing is more than $12. Well, don't expect any service nor deco.

  10. Allan, your new login is working and self advertise away.

    Eliott, thank you for the tip. I'm going to try and check out Khung Thai.