Thursday, June 16, 2011

Behind The Scenes at The Point Restaurant For Saturday 18th Dinner Service

Dear readers, I have some super exciting news to share. Fresh from my "work" stint at Steer Bar and Grill boot camp, I have been allowed to stalk, ummmm, I mean observe one of my favourite chefs Scott Pickett, executive chef at The Point Albert Park, work a busy Saturday night dinner shift.

I shall be the reporter "on the ground", so to speak, and following Scott's every move, even when he goes to the toilet. Oh wait, I've just re-read my conditions for the night and it states that I can't follow Scott into the toilet. But apart from that, I'll be live tweeting and Facebooking his every move for the night, from the smallest scratch to the slightest mis-chop. I might even turn my attention temporarily to the other talented chefs in the two kitchens while they serve such glorious food such as what I previously ate here, here, here and here.

This is going to be so exciting, watching how a Two Hatted restaurant operates in full swing. The Saturday dinner service would have to be the busiest of the week, and to see how the team handle it and produce all those intricate and exquisite food is a rare treat that most of us won't get to see. I have been given full access *muahahahaha* and I shall make sure that I make my presence felt by shoving cameras up the chefs faces and asking them tricky questions, all for you, my dearest readers. I shall also make sure I stick my fingers into every single dish to maintain quality control over what comes out of the kitchen. If I feel that the wagyu grade 9+ steak is not up to scratch, I will make sure I eat it all and not let it out of the kitchen to the paying customers.

I hope you will join me during my live tweets and Facebook updates

What: My behind the scene stint in The Point Albert Park restaurant kitchen
When: Saturday 18th June from 5pm onwards
How: Please leave any questions you want to ask Scott or the other chefs in the comments section and I shall get you answers. Yes, Scott is married already.

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  1. oooo awesome =). do u get to taste the food ??? HAHAHA

  2. I tried commenting on the mobile version, and gave up!

    What I wanted to say was,"OIII! Stop eating all the food before it gets served :P "

  3. Allan and I-Hua, I managed to eat more food than I wanted. Was so full.