Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Food and Wine Show 2011

Dear readers, I have failed you this year at the Good Food and Wine Show. For me, this year's show was about only one thing, Poh. I've loved Poh the moment I saw her during her first audition on series 1 of Masterchef, when she made some awful dish and was going to not get through the audition, until she was given a second chance and made those amazing cubic noodles that became her trademark. I've watched and loved Poh during the first season of Poh's Kitchen, so imagine how excited I was to get to meet her at this year's Good Food and Wine Show. I was dazed by her charm and laugh that I forgot to take notice of other things at the show.

So there I am smiling as big as possible to match Poh's glorious smile.

Poh looking beautiful in her quirky outfit.

There may have been some cooking demonstrations at the event this year. This photo seems to show it was the case, but all I could see was Poh. Apparently I was told that you could also do coffee sampling at this futuristic looking stand, and the usual wine tasting at stands that were made to have a country feel. Also at this year's show, people were telling me that there were lots of food stalls that offered a variety of food and drink samples, but I didn't see Poh eating anything, so I'm not sure if everyone was just trying to trick me.

At this year's show, there was also apparently some Masterclasses held by Masterchef judges George and Gary. Were they really there? I may have a faint recollection, or was I just associating them with the show since Poh was on Masterchef. I think it was probably the latter.

As you can see my dear readers, I have failed you in writing a comprehensive review of the happenings at this year's show and I bow my head in shame. I can only hope to redeem myself slightly by directing you to these wonderful blog posts about the show and everything else that supposedly was happening there.
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Thanks to Ogilvy Public Relations for inviting me to the show and allowing me to meet Poh.


  1. it's a crime to hold such events when uni students are having exams.

  2. Star struck! LOL!!! Don't tell me you were following her the entire time you were there?

  3. Ahhhhaaahahaha! Did you ask for a date??

  4. OMG I can't believe you have a bigger smile than Poh :-) you look so happy and she's looking as lovely as ever.

  5. Michelle, lucky some of us aren't in uni then.

    Visal, not following her the ENTIRE time :-)

    Cindy, Poh's schedule was too busy to squeeze me in.

    Simon, I was putting on my best smile. I was super super happy to meet her. She's so lovely.

  6. I'm so jealous you got to meet Poh!! I went on the Friday so didn't see her there :( Maybe I should have gone again...

  7. Hi Akika, it was really nice to meet Poh. Poh was there on Friday during the day time, and then also Saturday near lunch time. I hope you get to meet her one day.