Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Giveaway: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Movie Tickets

****************COMPETITION CLOSED*****************************
Thank you to everyone for their wonderful entries. Some extremely inventive plavours making it so hard for me to pick.

For the winners, I picked flavours that were inventive and that I could imagine tasting wonderful. It was a very tough decision as there were so many flavours I would want to try but here are the three winners

1) Winner: Madeleine. She comes pistachio, which I agree is not in enough ice cream, macarons and white chocolate. It sound super yummy to me.

2) Winner: Kim-Marie. Satled Butter Caramel just sounds amazing after what I tried at Steer where the Dulce de Leche ice cream was out of this world.

3) Runner Up 1: Cherrie. How can you go wrong with coconut and pandan. I'm sold.

4) Runner Up 2: The Dream World. Durian is one of my weaknesses.

I will be contacting the winners directly. As I haven't been able to contact Madeleine after numerous emails. I have elevated all the other winners and picked one more.

Are you a Chunky Monkey, or are you more Phish Food, or maybe even Half Baked? No I'm not insulting you, but asking you which Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavour you love best. Ben & Jerry's do lots of wonderful flavours of ice cream and I love how delicious they are. They used to be very hard to get but finally they're being stocked in limited flavours in supermarkets. They way to experience all the flavours is to go to a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop. There's one in Chadstone shopping centre, but soon there will be another one.

Ben & Jerry's is opening a Scoop Shop at Hoyts Highpoint and is holding a free scoop-a-thon-on to celebrate. Ben & Jerry's will be giving away FREE ice cream for all.

What: Launch of Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop and FREE ice cream
When: 5 – 10pm, Thursday 9 June 2011
Where: Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, Hoyts Highpoint, Rosamond Rd, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong 3032 VIC


To coincide with the launch, I'm happy to announce a giveaway for my wonderful blog readers. The prizes are as follows:

Winner: 3 x Pint Tubs of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream + Hoyts Double Movie Pass
Runner Up 1: Hoyts Double Movie Pass
Runner Up 2: Hoyts Double Movie Pass

How To Enter

Leave a comment answer the question below and the best three responses will be selected.

If you were to design an ice cream flavour for Ben & Jerry's, what would it be?

Make sure there is a way for me to contact you, either via Twitter, a blog or an email. If you don't want to publish your email in the comments, please email me at ieatblog[at]yahoo[dot]com and let me know which comment was yours.

Conditions of Entry
- The winner must live within 50km radius of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Noosa Heads GPO and be able to accept 3 pint tubs of ice cream. If you live 50.498346km or less from those cities, you're still ok to enter. If you live 50.5877234km or more, sorry, the ice cream will melt before it gets to you. If you live between those two distances, I'll have to toss a coin to decide if you can enter.
- Competition closes Sunday June 12th 10pm AEST.
- The best answers will be selected by me as the winners and announced on Monday June 13th. The winners will be notified personally.

Thanks to One Green Bean for supplying the prizes.


  1. An ice-cream flavour that's just a little bit outside the norm. It wouldn't be Ben & Jerry's without the chunky bits though - so I'm saying a Spanish inspired Ensaïmada-based (pastry-dough like) ice-cream with lots of almonds!

  2. I'd go with a Japanese inspired one. Black sesame with a raspberry swirl and white chocolate chunks. The greatest Ben and Jery flavours all have ouns for names, so it'd have to be called 'Seppu-cool'.

  3. Ooh - I think lemon slice would be quite a lovely ice cream flavour!

  4. peanut butter and jelly ice-cream


    banana and sunflower seed butter ice-cream

  5. A great ice cream flavour would be creamy vanilla ice cream with thick blue haven swirls with white chocolate and dark chocolate chunks
    It would be called creamy blue haven chunk
    I cannot wait to get to the highpoint store

  6. Hi Thanh! What a great giveaway, if I could create a flavour for Ben and Jerry's it would have to include chocolate - they are the chocolate kings when it comes to ice cream.

    And since I love coconut, I'd make it a Bounty flavour. Creamy coconut ice cream with coconut flakes and chunky milk chocolate pieces. A taste of paradise!

  7. Pitaschio macaron white chocolate swirl! Just dont see enough pistachio ice cream on the market or white chocolate for that matter and both are my favourite!

    Love your blog btw
    my e-mail is (can you tell I like ice cream?)

  8. two words... coconut.pandan. That is all. :)

  9. i would create a flavour called Tommy Thongs and it would be green, fruity, with alot of punch and have a aussie flavour to it and have gummi thongs in it as well as chocolate fishes and sea creatures....

  10. I'd like something a little oddball. "Eskimo Spy" could be a berry swirl (ie, pinky blood) ice cream with salty choc chips. Putting Jerky in there would be a bonus... or some kind of candied meat. Maybe some weird stuff like sugared ginger and tapioca balls. Anything to add texture and give you the impression you're eating a real Eskimo, cannibal styles! @mredge007

  11. What a great competition!

    I love B&J ice cream and if I could design a flavour it would be....

    Rich Vanilla bean base, dark chocolate chunks, boysenberry swirl and brown sugar cookie dough swirl.

    I think I'd have to call it "Dough-licious"

  12. My all time fav cookie is snickerdoodles and would love a Ben & Jerry's cinammon and dough snickerdoodle ice cream... ahhh I'm drooling already. Yum yum.

  13. Wasabi and white chocolate. Had similar in a dessert once and it is actually really, rally nice. But I reckon for a real ben and jerry rendition maybe irish cream or rum icecream dotted with chewy choc-coated toffee (:

  14. absolutely LOVE ben and jerry's! So glad they are opening in Melbourne!

    If I had a chance to design an ice-cream flavour, it would definitely be lychee rose with chunks of lychees in them!

  15. Roast dinner flavour :) The perfect winter ice cream. It would be cool and a mix of salty and sweet yet provide the strange satisfying feeling of a roast dinner

  16. Rocky Road Heaven - Chocolate strawberry swirl flavoured ice cream with chunks of marshmallow, glazed cherries and milk chocolate flakes.

  17. Ferrero chocolate chunks in a hazelnut ice cream.

  18. I know most people would say it's so stinky but mung bean blend with durian and coconut milk would be my choice.

  19. Lamington flavour, something Aussie for us!

  20. Got the Movie Tickets today .. thank heaps Thanh