Monday, July 25, 2011

Giant Steps, Innocent Bystander

336 Maroondah Hwy
Healesville, VIC 3777
Ph: 5962 6111

You would think that after a massive lunch at Rochford Winery, we would be too full to eat anything. Not Nelly, Ada and I. We pushed on and went to Giant Steps, Innocent Bystander for some more dessert and their famous Moscato.

I like the look of the place, set inside a shed with windows showing the alcohol being made in the adjoining shed. Rustic tables and an assortment of food produce and baked goods are spread throughout the space. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and baked goods all day round.

We shared a bottle of the Moscato, which is a brilliant bright pink colour and served in a cute scientific flask. To go with the Moscato, we had Chocolate Croissant, Lemon Tart, Polish Donut and a Canele. The croissant was really crispy and had a perfect chocolate centre. The Lemon Tart was also liked by Nelly and Ada but I'm never a big fan of lemon desserts. I was expecting the Polish Donut to be amazing, but while the dough part was brilliant, the very sour filling ruined it for me. The highlight of the day was without doubt the Canele. It was absolutely sensational and I would drive all the way to Giant Steps just for that. The crust was crispy and caramelised while the centre soft and creamy still.

Giant Steps, Innocent Bystander is a great stop on your trips through the Yarra Valley. You can stop for a short drink and some pastries or stay for a substantial lunch or dinner. You can then walk away with lots of great produce and wines.

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  1. well, you may not be a huge fan of lemon desserts... but i bet you're a huge fan of chocolate!!!


  2. You MUST have pizza next time. THEN baked goods. :D

  3. Oh my gosh, the chocolate croissant just looks PERFECT. The pastry looks like it'd be so perfectly crumbly and flaky, yum yum! :)

    Hope to stop by sometime soon... :)

  4. Ahh well I remember that moscato. I brought back a bottle for my mother and she'd finished it by dinner! The pizza was fantastic as well, best I've ever had in Victoria in fact! :) And a lemon tart I bought barely survived the trip home, but was delicious even mushed up...