Friday, July 29, 2011

I Eat Therefore I Am 5th Blog Birthday Celebrations

Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

I Eat Therefore I Am is 5 years old today.

I can't believe that this food blog is 5 years old. If 1 human year equals 7 dog years, I'm going to declare that 1 human year equals 14 blog years. In the world of the fast ever changing Internet, to reach 5 years on this blog is quite an achievement I think. I never ever thought it would last this long. It was all just going to be a bit of fun that I would get bored of quite quickly.

Back in February of 2006, my friends encouraged me to write a blog as I was always telling them my opinions on everything. Initially I was writing about interesting technology articles but it slowly morphed into a lot of posts about food. The turning point was when Alan from Photo Finish, who I met through my other blog, suggested that we start a group blog, which became I Eat Therefore I Am on July 29th 2006. Slowly over time, the other contributors stopped posting, but I kept going. The rest, as they say, is history.

There have been highs and low through the time, and I must admit that I wanted to stop during a few periods in time as I was losing motivation. However, for whatever reasons, I kept going and currently really enjoy writing this blog. This blog has given me an outlet to voice a lot of my opinions, and fortunately, some people even read and enjoy it. Not everyone agrees with what I say, nor should you have to. I've had lots of heated discussions about a lot of issues, but that just adds to the fun. I have been on a lot of food adventures and this food blog has enabled me to go to even more things that I may not have had the chance to experience or have heard about. I've met so many wonderful people through this blog, both in the online world and in real life. We all enjoy talking about some aspect of food, which has acted as a catalyst to further solidify some relationships. I can now count numerous people who I met through the blog as good friends.

To celebrate this occasion, I'm posting a beautiful drool worthy photo of a delicious Chocolate Cake with Salted Peanut Caramel topping. I think this cake sums up this blog, simple and sweet.

To wrap up this celebratory post, I'm going to do a giveaway to you, my wonderful readers who have helped to make this blog with your readership and feedback throughout the years.


Here is the prize pack that I am offering

- A voucher to have a laugh at my geeky humour
- A coupon to drool at some delicious food porn photos
- A pass to attend an exclusive party full of fun filled food adventures
- An invitation to join in on some fiery food discussions
- An opportunity to occasionally win some random prizes
- A glimpse into my life and it's trivialities
- A ticket to doses of empathy, praise and thanks from me to you

How To Enter

Leave a comment in the comments section.

Conditions of Entry
- You must enjoy food
- Competition closes when you no longer find this blog enjoyable


  1. Wow well done for 5 yrs that's dedication & cake looks amazing ;) cheers

  2. Happy birthday! Here's to 5 more years x

  3. Ha, looks like everyone's a winner in this giveaway. :-D

    Happy blogiversary!

  4. Congratulations on such a fantastic milestone Thanh! Keep it coming!

  5. You've been blogging for 5 YEARS??!!! Wowww... I'm so impressed. Happy birthday blog!! Keep up the great work xoxo

  6. Haha, what a dorky giveaway :)

    Happy 5th blog birthday! Here's to many more meals, adventures, discussions and friendships. x

  7. Happy 5 year birthday (or maybe that's 70th)!! What a great milestone! Here's to many more food adventures ahead :)

  8. Congratulations! 5 years really is an achievement. Keep blogging!

  9. 5 years, what a milestone! Congrats on making it this far and look forward to many years to come. Happy Bday

  10. 5 years already .. it seems like yesterday Thanh. Happy 5th birthday I Eat Therefore I am.

  11. I've been a silent reader 4 years ago. :) Can't believe i'm an active reader since last year. :)

    Can't believe your blog is 5 years old!

  12. Your post made my heart sank! Thank you for putting up such wonderful posts! I truly agree with you, 5 years, huh? You must be doing something right. Besides, when you do the things you love, it will surely last.

    Thanks for posting that picture of the cake. Drooling here! Hahahahaha

  13. Congratulations Thanh!! Well done indeed. 5 years, awesome!! I recently completed 5 years of food blogging myself (and 1 year with the new Blog Name), feels great ain't it?? To many more :-)

  14. Thank you all. Glad you're a non silent reader now Michelle and it does feel good to have blogged this long Sneh.

  15. Congratulations Thanh!! May there be many more blogiversaries to come!

  16. Happy bloggy day... Keep on blogging!

  17. Oh my gosh! Congrats Thanh! :) It takes dedication to keep going for this long, but I suppose eating has never been too difficult ;)

    Happy 5 years and to many more food adventures!

  18. 5 years! Congrats on this milestone buddy. To more feasts and all that jazz. WOOOOT!