Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dandenong Markets

Dandenong Markets is located right in the hub of Dandenong. At the markets, you can pick up your fruit and veg at extremely cheap prices. It's always full of activity and is a centre for multi-cultral people. You can see all types of people here, all with a common aim of buying some fresh produce at good prices.

The stalls are packed with produce, with some stalls selling things by the box load. People here do not buy one or two items, they buy it in boxes. I remember when I used to work at Coles Online during uni, I would occasionally work in the produce department. Seeing how those people bought produce always made me laugh. They would buy one onion, two bananas, three lemons, two apples etc. Sometimes orders of one garlic head, or worse still one chilli, wouldn't even register on the scale and we just gave that for free.

Coming from an Asian family, we always bought everything in bulk. If apples were cheap, you bought the whole box and ate apples that week. If peaches were cheap, you buy three bags of it and ate it. We eat whatever is in season and a lot of it. We don't buy mangoes by paying for each one, you buy a whole box, or two even. Especially if you are buying from the market, buying a whole box of mangoes for example might only cost you as much as buying 5 from the supermarkets. Here the freshness of the produce is also what you get. The apples are sweet, because they are tree ripened rather than warehouse ripened. They may not look as shiny and have more blemishes, but it tastes 100 times better.

The market also sells other things besides produce. You can pick up some dried fruit and nuts, and an assortment of clothing, electronics and many other things. Parking is very cheap at only $0.20 per hour and the parking is right next to the market so you can wheel your mini trolley easily inside.

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