Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cacao Chocolates

After a very tough two days of Project Management training while having quite a bad cold, I decided to reward myself with a walk down the street from the training centre to Cacao, purveyours of fine chocolates from what I've read.

I came by Cacao a while back when a friend told me about it but it was closed the last time I was there, so didn't get to go in. This time, I made sure I went straight from training while it was still open.

Regular readers might know that I love desserts and chocolates so I couldn't wait to try these famous chocolates. They certainly look great, tiny works of art each piece is. The chocolates that I have tried so far from the selection I got are good, much in the same fashion as Koko Black Chocolates, but I find that they are still not as good as the Patchi Chocolates. I find these chocolates and the ones from Koko too "gimmicky". They look great with all the patterns and colours and have a million different centres, but they're not true chocolates for me. In going for design and lots of different flavours, not all the flavours work and they lose the true essence of chocolate in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I still love eating them, but if I had to choose where to spend my money for very expensive chocolates (Cacao $19.95 for 12, Koko $48 for 36, Patchi $110/kg), I choose Patchi everytime. Patchi's chocolates are just that, chocolates. You can choose from various types of solid chocolates, or also with fillings, but the classical fillings of gianduja, pralines and croquants of nuts. The chocolates with fillings are still mainly chocolates, with the shells much thicker and the filling blending with the shell to make the smoothest texture in your mouth.

By all means, go and buy these chocolates as they are still really nice and you may love them. But whereas the chocolates from Patchi make me say "mmmmmmmmm, wow" everytime, those from Koko and now Cacao make me say "that was good" without closing my eyes and savouring the beautiful taste and texture.

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  1. Looks beautiful but seems like I must give Patchi a try!

  2. Looks good, but honestly, I din think that Patchi was that fantastic. I think the chocolate place at Mornington Peninsula is better.

  3. Truffle, thanks for commenting. Definitely try Patchi and then try Cacao too and see which you prefer. My preference is for "real" chocolates hence I prefer Patchi.

    Cenmrk, thanks for commenting too. Which chocolates from Patchi did you try. I found I liked most of them. I did try a sample from the Mornington Peninsula stall during the Wicked Sunday festival at Fed Square, it was good. I got their brochure with me right now actually. They have a huge huge range, but again its more the centre filling type chocolates. But I will endeavour to go to the store one day and give it a try to see how good it is.

    Also taste is very individual so what I like is by no means what you will like.

  4. I can't remember, it was back in Nov that i tried it. They do hv a good range, es. those filled with fruity filling - yum. Try their lime or passionfruit, it's my fav. Other than that, Yarra Valley's Cat's tongue is the choice choc for our kids (ie. very very little sugar and very very high cocoa content). I've to go try out Cacao one of these days. =)

  5. The next time I'm in the Mornington Peninsula area, I will definitely try to go buy some Mornington Peninsula Chocolates. I saw their prices on their website, wow, even more expensive than all the other fine chocolate stores.