Sunday, March 04, 2007

Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda pub is located on the corner of Heatherton Rd and Springvale Rd in Springvale. Its your typical TAB type pub. I head there on Friday with my friend Tin and a couple of his friends.

For dinner, Tin and I both had the pub Steak with chips and salad. The steak was extremely cheap at $12.95 for 250 grams of Porterhouse. The quality of the steak also turned out to be quite good. The flavour of the steak itself was good. The mushroom sauce had a bit too much cream. The chips were actually nicely fried, being crispy outside while still soft inside. I also licked the side salad that came with it. The mayo type sauce had a bit of a tang to it. Overall, the meal was one of the better pub meals and very cheap.

The pub also had pool tables for $2 a game. Above is Tin about to take a shot. As with most pubs nowadays, they also had karaoke. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a)lots of people were singing, from young men and women to old grandmas, and b)most of them were very good and it was very enjoyable. Everyone in the pub sang along to classic songs. Even the younger guys were singing and dancing like idiots. It's not a good look for white males who are drunk to dance around and try to act like black gangsters. One guy was hilarious with his air guitar, hand pumping and dance moves. I had to hold my laugh in for fear of getting decked if he saw me laughing at him. The tough looking blue collar workers at the other pool table were also singing along and dancing. This big guy was also doing this Irish/Country Line dancing thing all night. I guess so alcohol and the fact that everyone else was looking like an idiot makes people less inhibited and join along to the singing and dancing. Tin and I were also singing along to many of the songs. Next time I go back, I will definitely get up there with the mic and sing a song. I just need to practise a bit first so I don't sound totally aweful.

The Waltzing Matilda is a nice play to hang out for a quick dinner and on Fridays, some entertainment with karaoke. The beer keeps flowing and there are pool tables to play on as well. I suggest that you don't get too drunk though. There was one small fight that broke out on the next pool table. A guy, who was definitely extremely drunk, did or said something that the Irish/Line dancing guy didn't like, and the dancing guy pushed the other guy to the floor. Security came and quickly broke up the fight, and everything was fine again.

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