Monday, May 21, 2007

Banana Fritter

Who doesn't love a banana fritter with some ice cream. It seems to be the quintessential dessert at Chinese restaurants, but I'm not sure where that comes from. There weren't any banana fritters with ice cream to be seen when I was in Chinea and Hong Kong for holiday.

Anyway, they're are so easy to make and totally delicous. The easiest batter is just to use plain flour and add enough beer to get the consistency you want. This batter is very light and crispy.

Other batters that you can use range from commercial Tempura mixes in Asian grocery stores, a mixture of self raising flour with some corn flour and water, and any other variation you wish to try.

Here is one using the commercial Tempura batter. It was a bit heavy for my liking and I prefer the beer batter more. The small bananas (forget which type they are) work better than the large ones. These ones tend to be ultra sweet and not have that slightly sour flavour once you fry them. Remember to use good clean oil for the best flavour.

Serve with lots of ice cream and nuts, honey, cream or anything else you can think of. Chocolate sauce made from melted chocolate is a personal favourite.

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