Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Creme Brulee

I've always loved eating Creme Brulee and thought it was hard to make. However, after some Google searching, I found a recipe and it sounded so easy. Funnily enough, its from a site called Cooking For Engineers and this is their recipe. It's apparently a site for people with analytical minds who like to cook. That sounds like me.

Here was the results.

So how is it I hear you ask. Firstly it tasted nice. It is extremely rich and one serving is definitely enough. I found it a little too sweet, so next time I will add less sugar. It had a nice smooth texture but I think the oven temperature was too low and the Creme Brulee cooked for a bit too long and got a little lumpy near the surface. This affected the texture at the top a little.

Secondly, I served it with some cream and pomegranate since it was the only fruit in the fridge besides oranges so I was willing to experiment. It worked really well. The pomegranate help to cut the sweetness and worked really nicely.

Lastly, I didn't have a blow torch so I tried to get that crisp toffee crust by putting it under the grill. The grill just isn't hot enough to burn the sugar quickly to give a nice burnt toffee crust. I definitely need to go and buy a blow torch. I can also use the blow torch to make those fantastic salmon sushi that I had at Shira Nui. The outside of the sushi had this beautiful charred flavour with just some pepper and the inside was still raw, perfect.

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