Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kimchi Friends

My friend Dennis and I popped into Kimchi Friends for a quick dinner before going to watch a movie at Chastone shopping centre. Kimchi Friends is located on Warrigal Road opposite Holmesglen station. It is a tiny takeaway type place that caters for students mainly. You can definitely tell this from the type of meal they serve.

Dennis ordered the Beef Bulgogi, which came with steamed rice for $8.50. I ordered the Bim Bam Bab, which at $7.50 is a steal. You get to pour your own rice tea, which was actually served in very nice porcelain cups. With every meal, you get a bowl of miso soup, and your own little dishes of various condiments, such as kimchi, marinated fish cakes and marinated bean shoots.

My Bim Bam Bab was good, although it would have been even better if it was served in one of those steaming bowls so that the rice on the edge keeps cooking and goes nice and crispy. But you can't expect too much for what you're paying. Otherwise, I liked it and the spicy sauce.

So next time you're about to watch a movie at Chadstone, don't eat at the food court there where a Big Mac meal will cost you the same amount. Drive a short way down to Kimchi Friends and eat a much nicer meal, in my opinion anyway. Some of you may actually prefer McDonalds, or as I prefer to call it, McProcessed Lardonalds.


  1. I've heard of Kimchi Friends. We keep saying that we were going to go there but never got around to it. I think I might just make a trip down there to lunch one of these days. (Benefits of working close to chaddy :))

  2. Hi Ilingc, so did you end up meeting with Swee?

    Its not a bad place for a quick lunch. Its cheap, nice and fast.

    So what company do you work at and where is it if you don't mind telling?

  3. They Do serve Bim Bam Bab in one of those hotstone bowl or whatever u call it. Just that you have to pay a bit more, i think it's ard 8.50 or 9.50 instead of 7.50!

    Also, we finally went ard to trying the Japanese place at Doncaster. U know the one that offers buffet on fri and sun. Unfortunately, we only found the fish soup and beef tataki to be nice. The sushi was horrendous, and the mayo isn't the japanese mayo. The Japanese fried rice was alright, the rest were like you said, alright, but nthg fantastic.

    As for tiramisu, I found another recipe, which is, i think, easier, and w/o the need to use raw egg (which is a bonus since i have kids), but not as choc rich as yours (or ange's) but still it's light and fluffy and very easy to make. yipeeeee

  4. Cenmrk, thats for clearing that up. It was my first time there so I didn't know. If it was $1 more, I would have got it because I really like the crispy rice left in the hotstone bowl.

    The Yamagata buffet in Doncaster is nothing special, just value for money if you wish to eat lots of different types of Japanese food. It's no worse than some other Japanese places that charge so much more so that's why I go there occasionally.

    Let me know how you go with this Tiramisu. The easy to make, the more I'm attracted to it.