Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tiramisu Cake Recipe

I have written about how I love to eat Tiramisu in many posts on this blog. So when I saw a recipe for one on Adski's Totally Addicted To Taste blog that looked so easy to make, I decided to give it a try. Like Adski writes in his post, he doesn't like to bake. I'm the same, as usually things get burnt or don't turn out the way I wish. So this bake-free cake is perfect.

It really was extremely simple to make and took about half an hour all up. You just beat a few things, melt some things, fold some things together and assemble it all. Look at Adski's post for full instructions with photos.

So whats the verdict? It is definitely very good. The texture is more like mousse but the flavours are definitely tiramisu. The shortbread, coffee and Marsala give it that distinctive Tiramisu flavour. What I would do differently next time is to use the Lindt chocolate that Adski suggested. I already had some dark cooking chocolate in the pantry so decided to use that. But I've found out that the chocolate is the defining factor for the whole cake. You can definitely taste the cheaper quality of the chocolate. Having said that, its still very nice and I'll be making it again and again and again in the future.

EDIT: I've decided to post the recipe in case other people's blogs go down but mainly so its all easier to find when I want to make this recipe again myself.

Tiramisu Cake

200g dark chocolate chopped into chunks (Lindt 70% works well)
3 medium eggs, seperated
60 ml (1/4 cup) marsala
250 g mascarpone
150 g Italian sponge fingers
100 ml strong coffee
cocoa powder
cream to serve
22cm springform cake tin

* Put chocolate in a heatproof bowl & set over saucepan of simmering water until melted. Beat egg yolks with marsala until pale & creamy.

* Add mascarpone to beaten yolks & beat until smooth.

* Add melted chocolate to mix & stir until well combined. Whip egg whites until stiff, fold into the mix.

*Line springform tin with greaseproof paper. Lay half the spnge fingers in the bottom of the cake tin & drizzle with half the coffee. Pour the mascarpone mix into cake tin.

* Top with remaining biscuits & drizzle with remaining coffe. Cover with glad wrap & refrigerate for 3-4 hours or overnight until set.To serve, remove cake carefully, dust with cocoa powder & serve with cream.


  1. That looks better than the one we had at Enoteca. Bet it tastes better too..!

  2. Mel, actually I do prefer the taste of the one I made. It's got a much stronger taste with that Marsala and coffee taste that I was saying the Brunetti's one has that night. And its so easy to make.

    Definitely I'll be making it again and using better chocolate next time and adding even more Marsala and coffee.

  3. where can u get marsala? and what exactly is it??

  4. Hi Cenmrk, Marsala is a chocolate flavoured wine. You can get it at most liquor stores. I found a bottle at my local Safeway Liquor store even. It's very cheap, only cost about $5 for a 750ml bottle. It definitely adds that distinctive flavour that you taste in tiramisu so I recommend you add some in.

  5. Cenmrk, just for your info, I made the cake again and this time I added about 1/3 of a cup of Marsala rather than 1/4 cup and I think it tastes just right now. Also definitely make the coffee very very strong. Don't be afraid that it tastes bitter. Once you soak the sponge fingers in and combine it altogether, the coffee flavour is much less.

  6. Ok.. might try to make it myself, since i'm a dessert freak. I'll let u know how it goes when i do try. The only marsala i know - curry powder!

    Btw, as for the ferris wheel we did go for the bigger ferris wheel, but the overall experience was, 'aright' for me. Like i said before, my 4yo enjoyed it more than we did. (I accidentally sign off with my partner's nick *marc_maleko* the last time).

  7. Cenmrk, I'm the worst cook ever but even I found it extremely easy to make. And I'm a dessert freak as well as you have probably read from my numerous blog posts.

    I'm sure you'll be able to find the Marsala at a liquor store. Let me know what you think of the cake once you've made it.

    As for the ferris wheel, I thought it would be good since they said it was the biggest one in the Southern hemisphere or something. Oh well, sometimes things sound better than they actually are.

    Ah so Marc was you, I thought it was a coincidence that "he" also mentioned about the ferris wheel.

  8. Tried to make it last night. I dont know if I've done something wrong or what, but I found it a bit dry. And also, I went overboard, i used a pack of 85% lint and 70% lint chocs, and found it a tad bitter. I think when I do try again, i prolly make more coffee and soak my fingers in first, then use a pack of milk chocs and a pack of 70% chocs to make it. Maybe it would turn out better? Anyway, when i do try again, i let you know. But it's quite an easy recipe! If u want to hv a look at my tiramisu, let me know.

  9. Cenmrk, mine was very moist indeed so I'm not sure what happened. I just followed Adski recipe exactly, except I added a little more Marsala because I like the taste, but otherwise stuck to the quantities and method.

    I think you probably did go a bit overboard with the chocolate hahaha. You can definitely substitute for less strong chocolate. I used a 40% one and then the next time a 70% one. I preferred the slightly stronger taste of the 70% so will use that. And soak the biscuits in lots of coffee, that definitely makes it much more moist.

    Email me a pic of your tiramisu. I doubt I'll be able to identify what went wrong, but I would like to see how other people's Tiramisu turn out anyway. You can email me at ieatblog[at]yahoo[dot]com.

  10. Excellent!!!


    Chocolate flavored wine lol

    Marsala is a fortified wine produced in Sicily. It's nothing like chocolate.


  11. Anonymous

    Idiot is a harsh term.

    Call him Fat & Stupid

  12. Anonymous 1, I have since learnt, after writing that post, that Marsala is a fortified wine.

    I don't mind that you point out my mistakes, but what gives you the right to call me an idiot.

    Let's review the scenario. It was you who sought out my blog. It was you who insulted me first. I never insulted you back. I tried to have a rational, reason debate with you as two adult human beings. But you have since shown that you are an arrogant, rude, intolerant food snob who has resorted to the lowest action when having debates. When you can't just address the issues, you resort to insulting the other person. The only thing left for you to do is to take it a step further and call me a dirty Asian or something equally bad.

    If twenty years in the food industry has turned you into this person, I don't want to be involved in food and meet someone like you. Other people who are truly interested in food, have been so generous in teaching me things and encouragement rather than denigrate me for making a few mistakes.

    Anonymous 2, I know you don't mean it when you say. I don't know who this other person is, what gives them the right to call me names and insult.

  13. "If twenty years in the food industry has turned you into this person, I don't want to be involved in food and meet someone like you."


    Hang on. It's you isn't it Ramsay!!!

  14. Anonymous KP, I wish it was someone as talented and high profile as Ramsay. Sadly, I doubt it is. Gordon has a million things to do than sift through my blog looking for typos and grandma-tical errors.

  15. "The only thing left for you to do is to take it a step further and call me a dirty Asian"

    Well you're not exactly clean and hygenic are you.