Saturday, May 26, 2007

Food Fit For A Couch Potato

So what do you do when you're not feeling so great mentally and physically. First you say no to going out on Friday when your friends ring to ask you. Then you get yourself comfy and plonk yourself on the couch and turn on the footy. Next, you grab yourself some yummy food and wine and eat your way through the footy match.

I got myself a nice piece of Misssssiiiisssssiiiipppppi (spelling possibly incorrect) mud cake with some ice cream and a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Then I proceeded to slowly eat the cake and drink my wine.

Then, I raid the fridge for more food. I saw some salsa and sour cream and then eyed an avocado on the kitchen bench. A quick search through the panty found what I was looking for, corn chips. I had myself all the ingredients for nachos, including cheese in the fridge. So I combined everything on a plate, chucked it under the grill for a few minutes to melt the cheese and "voila", I had nachos. I ate the nachos with my fingers, and made sure I licked every finger clean.

After all the eating, my mind was a little clearer (possibly due to the two glasses of wine) and I was very full. May I suggest you all do this occasionally as its a good exercise for clearing the mind. But don't do it too much or your waistline is going to expand quite quickly.


  1. Is this how you spend every friday night.

    Mud cake and ice cream with Cabernet sauvignon followed by Nacho's???

    You are such an incredibly sad individual

  2. Anonymous, you can think whatever you wish. Although, if you had read everything I write, rather than bits and pieces as usual, I did write "First you say no to going out on Friday when your friends ring to ask you".

    It's so sad that while I was out with friends tonight having a great time at dinner, you're reading my sob story about how I didn't feel well that particular day and ate all this junk food and washed it down with wine.

    As long as you think this blog is pure shiite (spelling intentional) but yet continue to read it so loyally, I will be very happy.

    Finally, I wrote a very thorough reply to your comments on Bar Lourinha. Either you didn't read it or have no more comebacks.

  3. Maybe he realised there's nothing he can say to someone so THICK (literally)

  4. Well, I'll admit to the literal thick part, but definitely not to the mental side of it.

  5. Actually thanh,

    I was working on Friday night like I do most Friday nights. The kitchen was quiet briefly so I showed some colleagues my most recent pursuit. Bagging out your pathetic blog!!! I've also forwarded your blog and photos to many other peers and colleagues in the industry so we can put a stop to this bull shit.

    I think you'll discover if you check some older posts that you now have quite a few new nemesis'

  6. Now that's what I call Networking!!!

  7. Anonymous, oh well, at least I'm getting better known.

    Anonymous 2, we need to network more. How can we find out about more opportunities.

  8. You are not getting better known,

    you are completely loathed, despised and hated by the Melbourne restaurant industry. I wouldn't go into another restaurant if I were you. We all know who you are now!!!

    Give up you fucking hack idiot!!!

    You suck Thanh!!!

  9. Anonymous, as long as you can be bothered to keep posting comments, there's still one chef who likes me.

    So how was work today? Any interesting stories to share?

  10. "there's still one chef who likes me"

    I hope you're not referring to me Thanh.

    Do all your friends address you in a similar manner???

    Work was extremely busy toady thank-you Thanh!!!

    Which restaurant are you planning to review next so I can warn them to refuse your entry!!!

  11. I think he's referring to the Chef from Vue Do Monde.