Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Koko Black Chocolates

This is an old post from my other blog More Thanh Words which I have decided to group here as it is about food.

My friend Patrick (below left) and I went to Koko Black to eat dessert (below right) and buy chocolates. Patrick had the Chocolate Platter consisting of chocolate cake, shortbread biscuit, pieces of chocolate, chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream. Although his platter looks really good, Patrick thought the only nice thing was the shortbread biscuit. I had the Panacotta and Sorbet, with the panacotta made from coconut and passionfruit and the sorbet of lemon and passionfruit with pineapple pieces inside. It was nice without being spectacular.

We then bought lots of EXPENSIVE chocolates. Patrick bought almost a kilo for $90, while I was a bit more mindful of my wallet and bought about half a kilo for $48. Now that I have spent all my money on chocolates, I will have to go without lunch for the rest of the week or substitute my lunch with chocolates. :-)

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