Saturday, March 22, 2008

Korea Gardens - Part 3

I have been to Korea Gardens quite a number of times and have blogged about it twice already. To read a more thorough review of the food, read my previous post. Basically the food is good and cheap and I have yet to have a bad meal there.

Kin and I arranged to meet up with our uni friend Clayford who I hadn't seen for a good year. Jo joined us as she was just working down the road. Here is Clayford doing his best "stare into the distance" look. Clayford hasn't changed at all. In the 7 years that I've known him, he still looks exactly the same. In that time, I've gotten so fat.

We ordered some dishes, like Japchae, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Mixed Vegetables and BBQ Meats.

Here is the wonderful Jo cooking all the meats for us.

While we slowly ate our food, we all caught up on everything, especially reminiscing about the days of old, our uni days. We must be getting old, because only old people reminisce. There were retelling of many hilarious uni stories and discussion of who is doing what and where now. We also talked about where our careers are currently and how it is going much slower than we had hoped. The thing that everyone fully agreed on was how good it would be if we could go back to our uni days and redo that all over again. We were so naiive then about how the working world works. It was a simplier life where our biggest worries were during exam times. Other than that, it was a lot of socialising and being around friends. There wasn't the worry about money or responsibilities.

I think the BMW or Mercedes ad is quite right. If only life worked backwards. You start off old and fragile and not having to work. Then as your mental abilities improved and you got stronger and fitter, you work hard. But you are already rich and can afford to do the things you also want to do. Then as your life progressed, you got younger and fitter still. You became poorer, but you already knows what it feels like to be rich. Instead, youth and vitality meant you don't care as much about money. You are having the time of your life socialising and making friends. Finally, as you have had all your fun, you become an innocent child again. You end your life on the ultimate high where you literally don't care about anything except having fun. You get looked after and finish off your life being totally cared for as a baby. Now who wants that life? I do.

Anyway, I am dreaming away again. Back to reality. So we all had a great night catching up and promised to see each other more often as usual. Even if we don't, the beauty of good friends is that when you do catch up, it's like no time has ever passed and you all click along so easily again.

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  2. This has got jackshit about dining at the place. No score, no mention of the crawling waitress, no mention of the value of the food.

    Instead we get another wasted blog space of Mr. Fat Do reminiscing about the past. What a poof!!

    Leave this sorta nonsense in your dinky diary where people would care.

  3. Fat and Stupid Do,

    I've got advice for you.

    Go to butterfly lounge, get yourself a BIG ladieee

  4. As usual Anonymous, you always say one thing and then go and do another. You were the one that told me not to give it a score and review it. Now you criticise me for just writing about an outing.

    Mika, love love me, love love me.

  5. Fat and stupid Do, you hardly wrote anything about the outing either. It's just you rambling on about life like some you got into the moment when you sat your fat ass in front of the monitor. Where you in a trance? I know it's hard for you, but sometimes you gotta accept that the fridge may not have enuf fudge

  6. Boo hoo hoo Anonymous. All my "ramblings" were related to the outing if you bothered to read it carefully.

    I don't accept that there is no fudge in the fridge. There must be fudge left.

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  8. Anonymous, I can post what I want where I want. Keep your hands to yourself.

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  10. sighh.. another one of those Thanh-Do-let-my-womenly-feelings-out

  11. Anonymous, this humble cannot compete with the might of Lammys blog. His blog has proper statistics and facts about vitamins. I can never know those facts since I'm not a pharmacist.

    Doctor Phil, I have to let them out sometimes.