Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little Lamb - Part 3

I suggested a dinner with my work mates. It needed to be fairly close and cheap, so I suggested Little Lamb. It turned out to be a very good choice. Everyone enjoyed the food and it was nice and cheap. For a thorough review, go read my first post about it. I'm happy to report that service is still excellent. They brought out the food really quickly and requests were quickly fulfilled. Only a slight mix up with a baby being charged was the only problem of the night. It is a huge contrast to Sichuan Restaurant on the other side of Box Hill. The service at Sichuan was terrible, the choice of food so limited, no deesert, and to have a private room cost $15. We had a private room at Little Lamb since there was 10 of us and it didn't cost any extra. There was also air conditioning in that room which we could control so didn't get too hot. Such contrast in food and service and Little Lamb is cheaper even. So do yourself a favour, if you want all you can eat hot pot, go to Little Lamb and avoid Sichuan Restaurant.

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  1. Little Lamb with excellent service???? I got yelled at for booking a table there and arriving late for 15 minutes. Some of those 'ladies' have an attitude problem. In general, they all run around the restaurant looking tired and angry. If you would like to be treated rudely and enjoy being ignore, look no futher - come to Little Lamb!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of hot pot places either. It's hot, steamy and stinky. Hard to enjoy the food especially when your thirsty like a dog. Only dumbass like Fat Do comes here time and time again.

  3. Estnivek, ok maybe excellent wasn't the right term. It's still adequate and good for what price you pay. Compared to Sichuan Restaurant, it's excellent.

    Anonymous, I'm sorry that I like cheap hot pot. I enjoy cooking my food and slowly eating it all night. If you're thirsty, drink some water.

  4. Seriously Do....

    You arranged a simple lunch with workmates and you still had to bring your stupid camera along.

    Gosh it really is a part of your body. I hate to see what you do with it in the shower and the toilet.

  5. Anonymous, who says I can't take photos? It's not against the law, yet..... hehehe.

  6. Yeah neither is my farts and my boozing

    you don't condone that do ya?

    this blog is getting too repetitive

    eating at same place again and again

    i'm surprised you haven't blogged Hoa Tran 100 times already