Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bookings or No Bookings, The Question Keeps Resurfacing

With more and more restaurants taking the "No Booking" policy, the discussions about the topic keeps resurfacing. The Age newspaper have done yet another article on it, mainly focusing on Mamasita. The article is entitled, Struggling for a seat in Melbourne's hottest restaurants.

The topic of bookings always interests me as I am constantly struggling to get a table at the top restaurants in Melbourne. Recently for example, trying to secure a reservation at Vue de Monde resulted in a table on Friday two months away. Guess I'm lucky I didn't need to wait four months like the first time I went on a Saturday.

You can read my previous posts about this issue, with each post containing lots of links to other articles and food bloggers opinion, even that of Neil Perry. My view of the booking system still hasn't changed. For something casual with lots of options nearby, I think no booking is a good thing. For a formal meal, booking is essential.

Article 1: Sorry, We're Fully Booked

Article 2: Sorry, No Reservations

Article 3: Bookings or No Bookings, That Is The Question


  1. I hope the U.S. doesn't quite catch on to this because without booking I think I'd be a very unhappy camper!

  2. Peggy, doesn't the US have some top restaurants with no bookings? Surely with the larger number of diners you have, this system would work for some restaurants?