Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heston's Feast - Season 2 Episode 1 Chocolate Factory Feast

I love Heston's Feast. The first season was insanely good already and my work mate and I discussed and dissected every dish. I was expecting a lot from this second series, and I was definitely rewarded. Episode 1 was based on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and boy was it good. I was smiling throughout the whole show.

I've decided to catalogue the recipes as they're pure genuis in terms of the technique and probably the flavours as far as I can tell from watching the celebrities eat them.

Lickable Wallpaper
Heston started with the lickable wallpaper, which was always one of my favourite elements from the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory book. I was wondering how Heston would do this, and the way he did it in the end was pretty good.

Dish Composition
*Prawn cocktail sauce dried, and then separated into oil and solids using centrifugal force.
*Prawn flock made from the prawn cocktail oil mixed with tapioca, sushi nokio and prawn crisp flavouring.
*Prawn solid mixed with glucose and pectin to make sticky base on wallpaper
*Flock stuck over base through stencil.
*Glue made from apple sauce.

Final Dish
Wallpaper with lickable prawn cocktail, pineapple, tomoato soup and sausage.

Magic Mushroom
The magic mushroom was to give the guests the sensation of eating something totally "magical" without the hallucinogenic effect. Heston went to Italy to source some special Caesar mushrooms and outbid the locals for some.

Dish Composition
*Bottom layer of Caesar mushroom puree.
*Stock of mushroom, madeira, herbs, blended with veg broth, frozen and melted through muslin. Smoked water added to stock. Add gelatine and heat. Mushroom consommé is made. Fridgeds until jelly. Add over Caesar mushroom puree.
*Sherry and Madeira cream.
*Painted enoki mushroom with red food colouring and white chocolate dots.
*Dry ice placed under moss and woodland mushroom scent poured over.
*Leaves made from caremelised puff pastry.

Final Dish
Dish of mushroom with woodland mushroom, leaves and woodland scent.

Duck a l'orange
This part was hilarious, where Heston tried to "smoke bomb" his duck with orange flavour by literally putting a bomb inside a duck with orange flavouring. How cool would that be to try. The final product was a trickery of the mind.

Dish Composition
*Mousse made of duck liver, red and white port, brandy, madeira and thyme. Casing of concetrated orange juice, glucose, essential oil orange, gelatine.
*Duck breast cut into round discs brushed with concentrated duck sauce rolled in chop dry orange zest. Celeriac slices rolled in black truffle
*Duck skin based with oil, cut into crisp shape, sachet salt and orange zest. Woodchip smoke passed through orange oil.
*Sauces frozen slightly.

Final Dish
Duck Pastilles, Chocolate Orange, Smokey Duck Crisps, Lollies in Dispenser

Chocolate Waterfall
I think everyone that's ever read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory has fantasized about swimming in the chocolate waterfall. You can't quite swim in Heston's waterfall but it sure is beautiful.

Dish Composition
*Chocolate, wine, cherry and passionfruit puree mixed with liquid nitrogen to give chocolate dirt.
*Distilled “magic” chocolate water.
*Chocolate bar with cherry chocolate and kirsch, spray with chocolate, add to thin slice of shortbread biscuit with a layer of cherry compote.
*Dried corn starch with indentation, add kirsch syrup, dust with more starch, leave to dry, covered in gold leaf

Final Dish
Waterfall with flowing chocolate, giant lollipops, edible rocks, chocolate bar, golden ticket and chocolate water.

As you can see from this episode, Heston's Feast is pure fun, pure imagination and pure genius. I loved this first episode and can't wait for the next one.


  1. lolz, can't believe u blogged that =P
    awesome nonetheless.
    why did i not think of that wen i had whole fridge of dry ice...during my research year... WHY !?!?!?!?! LOL
    maybe i'll go steal some and try making choc dirt myself.

  2. I LOVED this episode. This is my favourite one so far - it was so funny, so whimisical, and so imaginative.

    My favourite dish was the duck a l'orange - the pastilles! The chocolate orange! The crisps! Very, very Willy Wonka.

  3. I too love this series of his, all overwhelmingly inspired by various experiences and from the literature he reads from.

    Truly Willy Wonka indeed, the duck a l'orange!

    He is such a foodie genius period.

    I did wake up salivating this morning haha!

  4. Oh I just had an idea! We should do a Heston inspired feast! Perhaps not trying to recreate any of his dishes, but try and make something that's imaginative and creative.

  5. Allan, if you steal some dry ice, call me too. I want to make chocolate dirt as well.

    Agnes, this is my favourite episode of them all so far too. It was so much fun. Loved the duck dish the most as well.

    We should definitely do a Heston's inspired feast. Let's organise it together.

    Ling, he is a total genius. I hope you didn't salivate too much so that your pillow was all wet.

  6. I was lucky enough to see most of series two when I was in the UK earlier this year, as well as being lucky enough to go to the Fat Duck. What's really fantastic is that a lot of the wacky dishes prepared for Heston's Feasts end up in the restaurant, and HB doesn't just reserve his wizardry and fun for TV.

    My dad - a former chemist - was very impressed by the use of lab equipment in producing the chocolate water.

  7. I LOVED this episode and the whole way through was lamenting the fact that I wasn't one of the guests at his table =(

    Please invite me along to the Heston feast!!!

  8. Eat To Live, how I wish I could go to the Fat Duck and try Heston's dishes. Ah, one day. I'd seen those lab equipment in my chemistry classes at uni, but to make chocolate water with it is insanely delicious.

    Cin, I am constatnly lamenting that I too am not a guest. Don't worry, if we do the feast, you're invited.