Friday, August 20, 2010

Photography Friday #4 - Plants Alive

Following from my previous Photography Friday #3 - Delicious Laneways, today I bring you "Plants Alive". When you look closely, plants are so interesting, with various colours, textures and composition. The smell component cannot be passed on via photos, but I hope that I've captured the essence of the plants so that you can imagine the smell yourself.


  1. seems like you captured a rather gloomy day =P
    some backlighting might've helped lift the mood of the photos(not sure where u'd source that from though haha)
    eee and what is that last pic...

  2. o btw... this opening "new window" business for comments is really annoying.
    could prolly try make it work like fb posts, wherein comments can be displayed by clicking "view all / more". and people are probably more likely to read / comment that way =)
    just a thought

  3. Allan, it was a really gloomy day on all the different days of my photos.

    Take a guess at what the last pic is.

    Unfortunately, you can't do view all/more for comments. I wish that was possible too. If you click on the actual post title, you will get all the comments on the page. Wish I could change that too.