Sunday, August 08, 2010


Grill'd restaurants haven't been around for too long, but they're really starting to make an impression. They are going the same way as both Subway and Boost Juice, offering a "healthy" and fresh food item. At Grill'd, they promise:

1. To deliver you a great tasting meal made from only the highest quality ingredients
2. That our ingredients are delivered daily to maximise freshness
3. That our patties are full of flavour and super low in fat
4. To take your feedback seriously
5. Never to change our name to McGrill'd!

I think their five promises sum up their product really well. What they do well is make a good burger and chips out of fresh ingredients. You wonder why nobody else has done that before? People are certainly trying to copy it now. Grill'd has done a slightly more upmarket burger than McDonalds with with a sense of humour, as seen in their store wall paintings and excellent website. Tell me you haven't laughed at those cute and clever wall paintings in their store before.

Each Grill'd burger comes with a choice of buns and some pretty basic ingredients. The patty is a good thick slice with a wonderful charred flavour. You can tell that the beef is of a good quality and is flavoured well with various herbs and spices. The salad consists of good crisp lettuce, tomatoes and onions. There are an assortment of flavours but I enjoy just their basic burger, sometimes with the addition of cheese and pickles. What really brings their burger together are their wonderful sauces.

The chips also follow the simplicity philosophy. It's just potatoes cut into nice big chunks and fried in good oil so that it's crunchy without being oily. Some light herbs and salt make a great chip, further improved with their sauces, especially the herbed mayo.

The restaurant ambience, as mentioned earlier with the funny wall paintings, is light and breezy and relaxing. The large tables give you enough space to put your burger and chips comfortably and even eat them with cutlery should you choose. The staff are generally quite good, cooking the burgers fresh and fast. I would highly recommend you try Grill'd for a simple but delicious burger.

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  1. they've got great branding graphics. so which burger did you get? is that the Simply Grill'd Beef Burger? :-)

  2. I had so much Grill'd when they first started.. at least once a week. Even had it for breakfast once with one of their breakfast buns.
    Then my best friend and I one day felt rather overdosed. I've only had it a few times since, but now I'm feeling like it again!

    Used to always get the ba ba burger!

  3. Simon, I really do like they're branding graphics. I think they're fun without being too try hard. It is indeed the Simply Grilled burger. I usually order that or the Simply Melbourne.

    Michele, your addiction sounds like my addiction to Nandos when it was first available. I ate Nandos 2-3 times a week for about four months. I overdosed badly too and have only eaten Nandos twice in the last year and a half. I still like flavour but when I think about how I used to eat it so much, it's the thought that sickens me. I'm slowly getting back into Nandos with very small amounts occasionally.

    What is it about food bloggers and our addictions?