Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sydney Road Festival

So today I had planned to go to Sydney Road to try out the famous Roti Omelete at Tom Phat's. I then planned to go to Brunettis and buy a cake to take home. When I got to Sydney Road however, they had blocked off the main street and I saw a sign saying "Sydney Road Festival". This looked promising, so I parked my car in the side streets and proceeded to walk down Sydney Road.

The road was very packed as it was a great sunny day and people came out to enjoy it. Sydney Road in the Brunswick area is what you would call an area for more alternative people, and the crowd reflected that. There were people in all sorts of clothing and hairstyles, and most of the stalls sold funky clothes that you don't find at Myer.

There were magician acts with a guy getting out of the chains in under 3 minutes. Some girls doing some sort of juggling thing with these glass balls.

There was also lots of great live music blaring out from all over the place. Today I saw a jazz band doing their scats, an African band with their cool beats, quite a few rock bands and some heavy metal bands. Live music is definitely very enjoyable and provides a great atmosphere.

So after walking for a while, I was getting hungry, so I went and bought a Morrocan Beef Burger for $5. It was good, with Morrocan spices in the mince and the burger served with onions and tomato sauce. So I was walking along eating my burger when some guy from the other side of the main road shouts out "I like your t-shirt". He shouted it twice. So I looked down to see what I was wearing. I was wearing my personally hand painted Yoda Says "Blogging This I Am" t-shirt. I was quite happy that someone liked my hand designed t-shirt, so I raised my hands to acknowledge him and yelled back "Thanks". In the mean time, the burger I was holding in my raised handed proceeded to shift slightly and some onion fell out and dropped on my t-shirt, leaving a nice tomato sauce stain on it. Totally hilarious.

Anyway, I continued walking and spotted some Turkish desserts. There was some pastry type things and Turkish delight. I got a box of each. I started with the pastries, which were just filo pastry dipped in sugar water and topped with various toppings. The round one on the left was the best, with the pistachios giving a nice crunch. After that first one, they all started to taste the same and I was struggling to finish it all. The Turkish delights were good too, but after two, again I had had enough.

So after eating my dessert, I had been at the festival for about an hour and a half. I was walking back towards my car when someone grabbed me on the arm. I was looking across at something else so was a bit shocked. I then looked up to see my friend John. He was also at the festival with his family, and asked me to join them. So I walked some more with John and chatted away. Since he also lives in Brunswick, I dropped by his place for a coffee and more discussions on his balcony. Balconies are very cool, I must get one one day. Anyway, I also helped him wire up his new TV/VCR/Foxtel box properly so that his VCR also got an antennae signal. I then set up the VCR channels, fixed a few of the settings on the TV, and my handy work was done. He could now record TV shows on his VCR.

We headed back out to Sydney Road for a beer and a last walk down the street in the falling sunlight. The cool breeze and setting sun provided for a very nice relax walk and end of a fun day. Along the street, I saw many signs for the Brunswick Music Festival, which runs from March 14 to April 1. I might check out what that's about and attend some of the events they have.


  1. Oh please oh please oh please - I WANT a yoda-shirt!

    So many things happen in Melbourne - you'd think after nearly 2 years here I'd get out and enjoy them more. Alas, I usually don't find out things are happening until it's all over.

    One day....

  2. Anna, I hate never knowing when events are on in Melbourne too. I was just very lucky that I happened to be there on the day.

    I've left a comment on your blog regarding the Yoda t-shirt. Let me know if you really want one. I can make it for a fellow sci-fi Dilbert loving geek.

  3. kitchen hand3/09/2007 2:17 PM

    I enjoyed the festival, but it was difficult to know what to eat, there was so much choice.

    Kitchwen hand

  4. Kitchen hand, I agree with you that there was so much to eat. I was so full from eating that even with my usual favourite Turkish delights sitting in my hand, I couldn't stuff down anymore. I still wanted to try the Turkish breads too.

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  9. Anonymous, I've deleted your last comment. You can say you hate my blog. You can say my blog is crap. You can insult me, to a certain degree. But I will not take you calling me an F***wit when I have done nothing to deserve that. I've let you express your opinions and will continue to let you express your views about food (even if I don't agree with everything you say) without calling you any names. It's a democratic country and we're all allowed opinions, especially on such a small topic like food of all things. Why should I take abusive from you for expressing my opinions on such a simple topic? If every person who ever said anything that someone else disagree with were verbally abused, we would all just walk around all day swearing at each other. Grow up!