Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tiramisu Cake

This is my first food post especially written for this blog and not taken from my other blog. It's also my first attempt at food photography. Hopefully I have made the cake as enticing and mouth watering as possible through the photo.

I love to eat Tiramisu, and if Tiramisu is available at any restaurant as a dessert, I will order it. This particular Tiramisu cake was bought from Bread Top. Bread Top sell lots of cakes and other desserts. The quality of most of the cakes and buns are very good. It is a bit pricey but I think it's worth it since it tastes nice.

According to Anna Maria Volpi's website A Passion For Cooking,

Tiramisu is one of the latest additions to “traditional” Italian cooking. Unknown until about fifteen years ago, when it is believed to have been invented in the town of Treviso in northern Italy, in merely a decade it has become a world-renowned dessert, extremely popular from the United States to Japan.

It is considered a semifreddo (a dessert served cold, but not frozen). This dessert has many variations, with the only constant ingredient the mascarpone cheese.

This particular Tiramisu contains a layer of cocoa powder on the top of layers of cream, mascarpone cheese, and sponge cake partially soaked in coffee. It also has a thin shell around the edge made from chocolate. This tiramisu from Bread Top is quite good, but not excellent. It need some alcohol in it and the coffee flavours need to be stronger but otherwise is still nice.

I've tried some other Tiramisu's that were quite different. The Tiramisu from Brunetti has a much stronger flavour and is more to my liking. The alcohol really makes a big difference in my opinion. Another different Tiramisu is available at Chapelli's on Chapel Street. Their Tiramisu is much more "solid" and cake like. The sponge cake is heavier and the mascarpone cheese stronger in flavour. They serve theirs with chocolate on top and a nice full dollop of very smooth cream. One serving is definitely more than enough and usually I can't finish it since I'm full from dinner most times I go there, but my eyes and nose can never get enough. Hahaha :-)

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  1. I have since learnt to make a very good Tiramisu cake and you can find the recipe here.

    The cake is even better than most bought ones as I can tailor the taste to my liking, which means I can add lots of Marsala to give it a strong flavour.