Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Centro Box Hill Gourmet Pop Up Cafe - 2 x $100 Vouchers To Be Won

**********************COMPETITION CLOSED******************

After an Excel random number generator draw, the two winners are

FOOD and Mary.

I shall be contacting you both for your details. Thank you all for entering.

Centro Box Hill Food Court will be hosting a gourmet pop up cafe, ultilising the skills of Ed Halmagyi, Fast Ed from Better Homes and Gardens, and the fresh produce from the Centro to create some delicious dishes for everyone to try.

Ed will be cooking up the following for guests to try at the Centro Box Hill Budget Gourmet Pop-Up Café:

*Bucatini with smoked trout and rocket sauce
*Lamb curry with parathas
*Silverbeet and parsley soup with sour cream and smoked almond dumplings
*Pavlova roll with strawberries and pears

Date: Thursday 2 June, 2011
Time: 10am – 11am, 11.30am – 12.30pm
Location: Centro Box Hill, Food Court – South Precinct


To celebrate the gourmet pop up cafe, I have 2 x $100 Box Hill Centro Shopping Vouchers to giveaway.

How To Enter

Just leave a plain, funny, serious or wacky comment on this post.

Make sure there is a way for me to contact you, either via Twitter, a blog or an email. If you don't want to publish your email in the comments, please email me at ieatblog[at]yahoo[dot]com and let me know which comment was yours.

Conditions of Entry
- Australian readers only.
- Competition closes Sunday May 29th 10pm AEST.
- The winner will be randomly selected by me and announced on Monday May 30th. Winners will be notified personally.

Thanks to The PR Edge and Centro Box Hill for the giveaway.


  1. this comment isn't plain... it's sweet and sour :P

  2. My comment will be whichever one wins! :p Oh wait, I'll send this one in an email.

  3. $100 voucher?? Pick me, pick me!! *waves frantically*

    P.S. - those Gourmet Pop-Up Cafe dishes sound fabulous!

  4. A reason to take a drive to boxhill.

  5. If I don't win someone will get hurt. I'm not kidding. *Serious face*

  6. Have not been to Boxhill long long long ago.. Hope I have a chance hihihihi

  7. Argh, I wish that I didn't have to work next Thursday! Pop-up cafes' are so much fun!!!

    As is Box Hill Centro ;)

  8. I work in Box Hill & my colleagues and I always complain about the lack of interesting lunch options. Bring. It. On.

  9. I commented THEREFORE I AM (the winner) =p

  10. (Insert witty comment here...:p)

  11. I'll drive all the way to Box Hill for that :p

  12. considering i live SO CLOSE to boxhill... i think i should try out pop-up cafe :D

  13. Where is about Box Hill, I though it in Hong Kong right??? Are they???....

  14. I just re-posted this article to my facebook/blog account, to help promote both your blog and Centro Box Hill :-)

    I work close-by (Burwood East) where there are limited food choices in the 'burbs, and Box Hill is my first choice for really diverse, reasonably-priced and fresh good food. I often stop by for some quick dumplings, or to grab something tasty for dinner on my way home.

    Would definitely make good use of the voucher!

  15. I never win any competitions *hint hint* :P

    The pop-up cafe sounds interesting but too bad they choose to have it during the weekday!

  16. I love living in Box Hill,
    No other place would have the same feel,
    With lovely people and restaurants’ special deal,
    Not forgetting great food with very cheap bill!

  17. Box Hill, the place to satisfy any Asian cravings, wouldn't mind some help satisfying them with this prize :)

    contactable via twitter @teenagefoodie

  18. Where is box hill anyway ? Give me the voucher and I will find out :p. My twitter @obesebaby

  19. I am so sick of people crying on Masterchef. GO HOME!

  20. Box Hill, my number one suburb where you won't get the number twos after eating at the Chinese restaurants

  21. pop-up cafe could just be my excuse to have a legit day off. :)

  22. Box Hill is soooooo far away....A $100 voucher may entice me to leave my lair!

  23. Box Hill was first settled by the squatter Arundel Wrighte. Thanks wikipedia hahaha

  24. Doh, I used up all my creativity in my last comment! Here's a plain comment instead: comment.

  25. Perhaps there'll at last be a good reason to pay boxhill a visit? :p

    oh well lets try my luck!

    gmail, philomela

  26. Love Box Hill Centro, it's the go, for those in the know.
    Grab a cup o'tea, and lounge about for free, under the willow trees.

  27. Hope I am one of the winners. I would love a shopping voucher.

  28. Mmmm I could really go some dumplings and pavlova right now. This blog is making me hungry!

  29. Pick me i would like to try the pop-up cafe.

  30. Loser schmoozer!5/29/2011 7:10 PM

    The universe has decreed that I shall not win any contests. Someone should put that universe in its place. Go on, dare to give it a really rude hand sign and give me the prize.

  31. Thank you all for entering. Some very entertaining answers. After a random draw, I wish to congratulation FOOD and Mary for winning the two vouchers.