Monday, May 16, 2011

Steer Bar and Grill - Churrasco Dinner

641 Chapel Street
South Yarra, VIC 3141
Ph: 9040 1188
Website: Steer Bar and Grill

When my friend Nandos visited Melbourne, he wanted to see where I did my Steer Boot Camp. So I said I'd take him to the restaurant to show him around. Since we were also deciding where to eat, I suggested that we eat at Steer as well.

We decided to eat the Churrasco as I had seen many patrons eat that during my stint at Steer and I really wanted to try it out. The churrasco is no longer available at Steer as they have gone from a Brazilian restaurant to a New York Steak house. Check out their website to see the exciting new dishes. Back to the churrasco, we had our three type of pastries for entrees (pork, cod, corn) and then a massive platter of meat, beef rump and sausages. It was extremely delicious and we tried our hardest to finish it.

What is on the new menu is the absolutely sensational Chocolate Bourbon Fondant. It was cooked perfectly, with a soft exterior housing an oozing centre. Many restaurants do this very poorly so points for getting that right. The addition of the bourbon helped give this fondant the most wonderful flavour and means that I will declare it the best chocolate fondant in Melbourne (of the ones I've tried at least).

Although the previous churrasco menu is not available, the same chefs are still cooking the new menu and I'm pretty sure it will still be just as good. Go and try out the food at Steer for yourself and say hi to my new friends there.


  1. The Chocolate Bourbon Fondant looks so goooood and so ricch!

  2. Aiyaaa... I gave my Steer voucher to my colleague knowing I can't eat medium rare meat. Totally regret!!

  3. Michelle and Ashley, you have to try the fondant, so so good.

    Kim, I'm happy to buy the voucher off your colleague.